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27 Aug

According to the bulletin, since June 4,, for the first time since the oil spill accident penglai 19-3 oil pollution of the sea oil spill accident accumulative total 5500 square kilometers, cause bad four kinds of sea water about 870 square kilometers. Oil spill main pollution the spilled oil platform waters and northwest surrounding waters, and has affected the bohai sea coast.
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Among them, liaoning Middle East coast was DaiHe bathing beach, hebei JingTangGang repulse bay bathing and qinhuangdao gold coast and other regions affected, all or part of its oil from penglai oilfield oil spill.
According to the state oceanic administration, deputy director of WangFei introduced in the disposal of the oil spill accident in the state oceanic administration work, and the north sea enterprise interview conocophillips China Co., LTD management 8 times; Send established shall be ordered to finish completely find overflowing, sealing grease spots oil spill source of 30 of the requirements of the fax; Held expert consultation, five judges, consulting experts 26.
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In oil spill surveillance monitoring environmental impact, the state oceanic administration take satellite remote sensing, remote sensing, HaiJian ship monitoring and the law, and other means to implement all-weather prompts us to oil spill surveillance monitoring: has ordered HaiJian ship sailing ship, eight more than 30000 sea; HaiJian aircraft two frame, flight number 112 hours, the voyage 29 about 24800 miles (kilometers); Interpreting the satellite remote sensing monitoring data of 73 scene; Send LiuAn patrol staff 851 people, and the LiuAn tour 140000 km; Carry out emergency monitoring 102 voyage, monitoring sea area of about 6800 square kilometers, draw all kinds of surveillance monitoring data of more than groups; Completed the 93 oil spill the oil samples identification.
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WangFei also point out that oil spill happened, the state oceanic administration began to start work, is currently ecological claim for compensation in accordance with the relevant regulations, hired a lawyer, and be prepared to Marine ecological damage assessment report, and carry out further evidence collection. On this basis, according to the ecological damage assessment with the sea oil technical guidelines for scientific evaluation standard, estimate the oil spill damage compensation, and ecological on behalf of the state established ecological damage to put forward the claim.
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Such as conocophillips company can’t meet the deadline “two complete”, according to law, adopt more drastic measures
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By seven ministries organization of penglai 19-3 oilfield oil spill accident investigation group leader, united state oceanic administration bureau chief in the LiuCi report, said at a party central committee and the state council attaches great importance to the disposal of the oil spill, has made a series of clear instructions written instructions, strengthen the monitoring of Marine pollution requirements, and increase the work dynamics, pollution, check up thoroughly thoroughly sealing oil spill source, and timely release information authority. At the same time, to the oil spill and loss on the impact of comprehensive survey of seriously, to do a guard, compensation city.


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26 Aug

British defense secretary liam fox 25 admit, NATO is helping the manhunt Mr Qaddafi’s opposition. According to fox’s statement, NATO to provide intelligence opposition forces and military equipment, help the opposition raids and Mr Qaddafi’s cronies. “I can confirm, NATO positive” national committee to provide information and the transition ‘reconnaissance equipments, and help them to chase Mr Qaddafi’s and his cronies.”

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Britain’s ministry of defense then explain, NATO to provide the “opposition DuoZhong equipment, such as military aircraft”.
NATO officials previously insisted that NATO action according to security council resolution authorizing the, is limited to protect civilians. “New York times” think, fox is a conflict with NATO clearly position.

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After the fox, NATO’s spokeswoman watts, Aaron jess library in a hurry, says NATO no excuse, and no and chase muammar qaddafi for opposition cooperation.
According to her story, NATO action not aimed at somebody, “whether Mr Qaddafi’s or other people”.
British media said in British special forces

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For UK special forces involved in Libya ground action reports, fox refused to respond.

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Britain’s “daily telegraph” quotes defense department sources reported, if British special airborne regiment members into Libya, a few weeks ago to help coordinate operations in opposition, against the capital of tripoli battle played a very important role.

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The opposition control most of tripoli region special airborne regiment members received instructions, will be key to action for Libyan leader moamer kadhafi speaks. These special forces dressed in civilian clothes, armed with members of the ordinary guns, and the opposition fighters alike.
Fox told BBC radio interview: “we never respond to relevant (UK) special forces reported.”
Military adviser and help provide command

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26 Aug

British defense secretary liam fox on the same day publicly that NATO is help Libya for the opposition Libyan leader muammar, jose mourinho amare.
Loyal to Mr Qaddafi’s forces are still in the “WanKang”
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Libya opposition August 25 said they surrounded Mr Qaddafi’s barracks near a group of apartment buildings, according to Mr Qaddafi’s letter and the son is now hidden in them.
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The opposition and Mr Qaddafi’s loyalists within the building in this group rallies. “They (Mr Qaddafi’s and their children together, they in) a small hole, today we will end the fight,” participate in a fierce opposition members muhammad pargo ma said. But they do not explain why think Mr Qaddafi’s must be within the building.
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On that day, the opposition forces and Mr Qaddafi’s troops in other areas of the battle of tripoli is ongoing.

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Opposition forces spokesman abdul salam · firm cook 24, WeiShiTai reporters tell Arab, Mr Qaddafi’s army chief of abdul rahman, said the lead a forces in their own a farm and opposition to battle.
On the same day, the opposition to Mr Qaddafi’s hometown SuErTe armed advance in this obstruction, Elijah and government troops al-bandar fierce exchange.

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The opposition spokesman Steve cloth card told al-jazeera correspondent, the opposition “has control Libya 90% to 95% of the territory”.
But, he said, some cloth card loyal to Mr Qaddafi’s forces are still in the “WanKang”, has no intention of surrender. “We surprised, Mr Qaddafi’s armed in the battle. We still thought that scored after they will surrender, tripoli.”

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26 Aug

A few days ago, nanjing tax bureau to notice, from 23 day into a “for” the houses of the case are to be added 3% on a specific way agree tax, tax for “according to both sides agreed share of tax 3% agree tax assessment price x”, if no agreement, then the 50% to each division, namely 1 million yuan worth of houses and name must pay 15000 yuan RMB business tax.
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The matter was local media reports, the network of public opinion soured, a more taxes for questioning and name that buy a house. 24 days afternoon, the relevant person in charge of the agency, said the matter and is still “not sure” to a written reply to a subordinate, administration may have “cushioning period”.
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Have the local tax department of nanjing media quoted, analysts say for premarital buy a house and name of the policy is according to the national tax related regulations of execution, the tax authorities shall have the right to make as a tax policy. Media said, and the state administration of taxation has now set to study a tax “rules” and opinion. Yesterday, the state administration of taxation on our newspaper, responded that will not be heard within the policy implementation opinion research.
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Note the nanjing aspects, the New Deal only for oral notice. As for tax policy verbally notify whether reasonable, the state administration of taxation not give clear answers.
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Short term is not expected to be the national implementation
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Add to house property card before marriage name imposed a 3% agree tax, expensive housing market for it, it is a kind of a big tax, so in folk echo, their influence huge not limited in nanjing. Beijing real estate trade center officials say: “the last two days, there are many Beijing residents to ask Beijing whether a similar policies.”

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26 Aug

Guo: you are a big pressure at home now.
Lou: also nothing, someone protect, can think method of lawsuits.
Guo: need be, I can introduce professor lang with do you know, do do high-end TV interview, once into financial the characters.
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Lou: actually I also talked with home, I on the blog jump out, popularity soared, will only earn could not compensate.
Guo: scold you don’t much also?
Lou: scold scold of man, that you look at those female star which not incur a ton of water. (close) down, your info, others scold enough, my reputation is enough. Then, I go to South Korea, the highest price of the most expensive which class capacity.
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Guo: you……
Lou: (a little shy from the touch) although I grow didn’t you are beautiful, but I also can become the color after the surgery, I will come in the entertainment……
Guo: now you don’t also the rich?
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Lou: ugly duckling become more selling point! Swan Then, I popularity and tall, change again beautiful–
Guo: (suddenly realize) oh.
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Lou: this time, fry success, my future will have a chance in the entertainment circle superior. Even if I fail, I also find a recruit.
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Guo: (emotion) any way?
Lou: public opinion: we spend money operation is the beautiful young girl warrior, represent the moon brave charity, the exposure fund revealed!!!!!
Guo: well, success or failure is not the kui, come on!
Lou: you also want to go!
Guo: then we hand in hand to make a combination, tap into the entertainment!
Lou: meimei combination?
Guo: no, that boiler combination.

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26 Aug

GuoMeiMei just finished the micro bo, namely discovered that the girl is Lou meimei, hence the initiative to come forward.
Guo: (thankfully) thank you for saving me, ever since the you, life is a miracle, cursed me harassment fewer people.
Lou: you’re welcome, all is the beautiful words! ‘
Guo: oh, you have a father, I have adopted father was.
Lou: your mother is not said you adopted father was that you father?
Guo: who knows? And I was born with, who know about it. Who dad
Lou: you don’t have to worry about, in fact we both very red, than those star is still high attention.
Guo: I now think slowly, ah, this is the price of fame?
Lou: I see a call ChenXiaoQing coined the net friend of our conversation.
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Guo: how did he say?
Lou: he said: GuoMeiMei mock Lou meimei: grew so all right meaning out of the sun?
Guo: then how do you respond?
Lou: poor into so that you don’t also come out?
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Guo: (laughs) that’s funny, misery loves company still too late? We may not ironic each other.
Lou: yeah, I saw how are you kindness ah. The GuoMeiMei (pointing to the package), your body of this love MaShi bag is not A cargo?
Guo: (soft) bought in shenzhen super A cargo. Things out, I put all the true bag is locked up, back out are false, but they can scarcely be distinguished.
Lou: all anneal anti reconnaissance experience.
Guo: your dad really so rich?
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Lou: anyway, he gave me and my mom said he had money.
Guo: I would think you courage especially large. I haven’t persist, you incredibly active jump out to, is still very aggressive.
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Lou: the more in times of difficulty, the more to manifest a second generation of the rich style, I want to tell the world loudly: we are six at seven o ‘clock in the morning sun, we… Not good humiliate!

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26 Aug

Beijing university school of economics, deputy director of the finance society (afs, dr economics with rev. In the comments on the libyans lang hsien-ping GuoMeiMei mother and daughter “news interview said,” China has words called for fish, shrimp, fish for shrimp. They are to be able to sit together, must have hit it off factors. According to meet demand, only will tell economics double coupling, a deal to reach. So they will all be asked is.”
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GuoMeiMei mother and daughter in the dazzle rich after the incident, the first public appearances unexpectedly is accept lang hsien-ping an interview. Lu said with rev. “first of all it was funny.” His analysis, lang hsien-ping a celebrity as a financial, should understand that to yourself a deal. He and GuoMeiMei Designer Shoes mother and daughter background difference so big, incredibly can sit together, there are many questionable factors. First, in the matter of lang hsien-ping of identity, he really is a scholar, or an actor or a reporter, or a host? A word is some pantomime horse. Second, do such a program he what is the purpose? Is in order to clarify some of it back? Or is it a “day care”? Third, no matter what the reason he is, in fact, are likely to get a lot of mud effect, and I’m afraid the final result, may be just the opposite.
Manolo Blahnik The following is the news report the content:
【 the first, and come to finance this 】 the list of the news headlines.
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Yesterday, GuoMeiMei mother and daughter in the dazzle rich after the incident, the first public appearances, accepted the interview of lang hsien-ping. But the interview, immediately caught everyone’s controversial. The 21 century nets “article said, lang larry volunteered to help clarify the royal army and home guo and the Red Cross relations, let a person feel to their familiarity with the royal army lang hsien-ping, more than GuoMeiMei.
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In addition, users of general guo my mom female source of income interested. GuoMeiMei mother said, he is on the stock with shenzhen, in only five stocks, she made millions in a few months, they’re both mother and daughter always does not need the money.