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6 Aug

Or in the jiangsu and zhejiang area would spread to log in, yellow, north China, northeast China; The weather in Beijing or will be affected
Report from our correspondent (reporter JinYu) this year the strongest typhoon called “the plum blossom” may be in today to day tomorrow night in zhejiang taizhou to qidong land off the coast, also may wipe it off the coast, to the north east and north China, shandong influence power would spread to more than 10 provinces. Yesterday, the China meteorological administration issued the typhoon orange warning.
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The typhoon maximum intensity level 16
This year, according to the China meteorological administration said the typhoon no. 9 “the plum blossom” has the intensity of strong, movement speed slow, incompleteness, strength, long changes affect range, path forecast uncertainties etc. Characteristics. Its biggest strength achieves level 16, and later will also increased, estimated that the strength of landing typhoon, will become the strongest since this year on China typhoon.
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“The plum blossom” typhoon will be maintained at least 10 days or more. The typhoon will not only influence the typhoon could usually more jiangnan area, it is still possible to yellow, north and northeast region to bring these northern strong rainfall process. Few powerful typhoon in north China.
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The northeast region or a storm
Because “the plum blossom” slow movement speed, atmospheric circulation situation is still in the adjustments. “The plum blossom” rainfall 5, southeast of the east China sea sea area, the nighttime strength gradually later strengthening, and the slow to northern zhejiang to southern jiangsu off the coast, according to projections, its near May Day tomorrow night to today in zhejiang taizhou to qidong land off the coast, and it is also possible that tight wipe it off the coast north.
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“The plum blossom” manufacturing of heavy rain and winds will may be felt more than ten provinces in China. According to the analysis, today to 9,, zhejiang of middle eastern, Shanghai, jiangsu, shandong, hebei, tianjin Middle East east, liaoning, jilin Midwest, Inner Mongolia central east area will be partial to the storm, part a storm.
The Beijing meteorological bureau said, although Beijing will not directly affected by the typhoon bigger effect, but through the atmosphere general circulation, the typhoon will indirectly change of weather conditions in Beijing, the weather bureau today will be closely followed the typhoon, in time to release information. … Full text > > (source: China Daily) > > the same news article 23


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5 Aug

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5 Aug

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4 Aug

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3 Aug

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2 Aug

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2 Aug

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