Christians Louboutins Online Store

27 Aug

 GuoMeiMei just finished the micro bo, namely discovered that the girl is Lou meimei, hence the initiative to come forward. Guo: (thankfully) thank you for saving me, ever since the you, life is a miracle, cursed me harassment fewer people. Lou: you’re welcome, all is the beautiful words! ‘ Guo: oh, you have a father, I have adopted father was. Lou: your mother is not said you adopted father was that you father? Guo: who knows? And I was born with, who know about it. Who dad Lou: you don’t have to worry about, in fact we both very red, than those star is still high attention. Guo: I now think slowly, ah, this is the price of fame? Lou: I see a call ChenXiaoQing coined the net friend of our conversation. Christians Louboutins Online Store Guo: how did he say? Lou: he said: GuoMeiMei mock Lou meimei: grew so all right meaning out of the sun? Guo: then how do you respond? Lou: poor into so that you don’t also come out? Cheap Christian Louboutin Guo: (laughs) that’s funny, misery loves company still too late? We may not ironic each other. Lou: yeah, I saw how are you kindness ah. The GuoMeiMei (pointing to the package), your body of this love MaShi bag is not A cargo? Guo: (soft) bought in shenzhen super A cargo. Things out, I put all the true bag is locked up, back out are false, but they can scarcely be distinguished. ChristianLouboutinshoes Lou: all anneal anti reconnaissance experience. Guo: your dad really so rich? Christian Louboutin Sandals Lou: anyway, he gave me and my mom said he had money. Guo: I would think you courage especially large. I haven’t persist, you incredibly active jump out to, is still very aggressive. Christian Louboutin Online Sale Lou: the more in times of difficulty, the more to manifest a second generation of the rich style, I want to tell the world loudly: we are six at seven o ‘clock in the morning sun, we… Not good humiliate!


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