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27 Aug

 A few days ago, nanjing tax bureau to notice, from 23 day into a “for” the houses of the case are to be added 3% on a specific way agree tax, tax for “according to both sides agreed share of tax 3% agree tax assessment price x”, if no agreement, then the 50% to each division, namely 1 million yuan worth of houses and name must pay 15000 yuan RMB business tax. Christian Louboutin for Sale The matter was local media reports, the network of public opinion soured, a more taxes for questioning and name that buy a house. 24 days afternoon, the relevant person in charge of the agency, said the matter and is still “not sure” to a written reply to a subordinate, administration may have “cushioning period”. Christian Louboutin UK Have the local tax department of nanjing media quoted, analysts say for premarital buy a house and name of the policy is according to the national tax related regulations of execution, the tax authorities shall have the right to make as a tax policy. Media said, and the state administration of taxation has now set to study a tax “rules” and opinion. Yesterday, the state administration of taxation on our newspaper, responded that will not be heard within the policy implementation opinion research. Christian Louboutin Discounts Note the nanjing aspects, the New Deal only for oral notice. As for tax policy verbally notify whether reasonable, the state administration of taxation not give clear answers. New arrivals Christian Louboutin Heels Short term is not expected to be the national implementation Evening Dresses Add to house property card before marriage name imposed a 3% agree tax, expensive housing market for it, it is a kind of a big tax, so in folk echo, their influence huge not limited in nanjing. Beijing real estate trade center officials say: “the last two days, there are many Beijing residents to ask Beijing whether a similar policies.”


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