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26 Aug

British defense secretary liam fox on the same day publicly that NATO is help Libya for the opposition Libyan leader muammar, jose mourinho amare.
Loyal to Mr Qaddafi’s forces are still in the “WanKang”
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Libya opposition August 25 said they surrounded Mr Qaddafi’s barracks near a group of apartment buildings, according to Mr Qaddafi’s letter and the son is now hidden in them.
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The opposition and Mr Qaddafi’s loyalists within the building in this group rallies. “They (Mr Qaddafi’s and their children together, they in) a small hole, today we will end the fight,” participate in a fierce opposition members muhammad pargo ma said. But they do not explain why think Mr Qaddafi’s must be within the building.
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On that day, the opposition forces and Mr Qaddafi’s troops in other areas of the battle of tripoli is ongoing.

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Opposition forces spokesman abdul salam · firm cook 24, WeiShiTai reporters tell Arab, Mr Qaddafi’s army chief of abdul rahman, said the lead a forces in their own a farm and opposition to battle.
On the same day, the opposition to Mr Qaddafi’s hometown SuErTe armed advance in this obstruction, Elijah and government troops al-bandar fierce exchange.

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The opposition spokesman Steve cloth card told al-jazeera correspondent, the opposition “has control Libya 90% to 95% of the territory”.
But, he said, some cloth card loyal to Mr Qaddafi’s forces are still in the “WanKang”, has no intention of surrender. “We surprised, Mr Qaddafi’s armed in the battle. We still thought that scored after they will surrender, tripoli.”


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