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26 Aug

According to the bulletin, since June 4,, for the first time since the oil spill accident penglai 19-3 oil pollution of the sea oil spill accident accumulative total 5500 square kilometers, cause bad four kinds of sea water about 870 square kilometers. Oil spill main pollution the spilled oil platform waters and northwest surrounding waters, and has affected the bohai sea coast.
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Among them, liaoning Middle East coast was DaiHe bathing beach, hebei JingTangGang repulse bay bathing and qinhuangdao gold coast and other regions affected, all or part of its oil from penglai oilfield oil spill.
According to the state oceanic administration, deputy director of WangFei introduced in the disposal of the oil spill accident in the state oceanic administration work, and the north sea enterprise interview conocophillips China Co., LTD management 8 times; Send established shall be ordered to finish completely find overflowing, sealing grease spots oil spill source of 30 of the requirements of the fax; Held expert consultation, five judges, consulting experts 26.
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In oil spill surveillance monitoring environmental impact, the state oceanic administration take satellite remote sensing, remote sensing, HaiJian ship monitoring and the law, and other means to implement all-weather prompts us to oil spill surveillance monitoring: has ordered HaiJian ship sailing ship, eight more than 30000 sea; HaiJian aircraft two frame, flight number 112 hours, the voyage 29 about 24800 miles (kilometers); Interpreting the satellite remote sensing monitoring data of 73 scene; Send LiuAn patrol staff 851 people, and the LiuAn tour 140000 km; Carry out emergency monitoring 102 voyage, monitoring sea area of about 6800 square kilometers, draw all kinds of surveillance monitoring data of more than groups; Completed the 93 oil spill the oil samples identification.
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WangFei also point out that oil spill happened, the state oceanic administration began to start work, is currently ecological claim for compensation in accordance with the relevant regulations, hired a lawyer, and be prepared to Marine ecological damage assessment report, and carry out further evidence collection. On this basis, according to the ecological damage assessment with the sea oil technical guidelines for scientific evaluation standard, estimate the oil spill damage compensation, and ecological on behalf of the state established ecological damage to put forward the claim.
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Such as conocophillips company can’t meet the deadline “two complete”, according to law, adopt more drastic measures
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By seven ministries organization of penglai 19-3 oilfield oil spill accident investigation group leader, united state oceanic administration bureau chief in the LiuCi report, said at a party central committee and the state council attaches great importance to the disposal of the oil spill, has made a series of clear instructions written instructions, strengthen the monitoring of Marine pollution requirements, and increase the work dynamics, pollution, check up thoroughly thoroughly sealing oil spill source, and timely release information authority. At the same time, to the oil spill and loss on the impact of comprehensive survey of seriously, to do a guard, compensation city.


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