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24 Aug

Libya “national committee chairman of transition” djali 22 in class and west told a news conference that, Mr Qaddafi’s age “has come to an end,” but until Mr Qaddafi’s arrest, the opposition to a real victory.
Michael said that, at present, djali opposition forces have not fully control of the capital of tripoli, o Football Cleats for Sale qi qi and barracks and its surrounding areas by government forces control, so still difficult to determine where qaddafi, whether to have Adidas f50 Adizero left Libya. In addition, SuErTe hamed, Football Boots etc are also the opposition control.
Djali caleb said, Mr Qaddafi’s arrest of the two sons are in opposition control, safety current situation. Once Mr Qaddafi’s be taken alive, will accept a fair trial.
Djali, he says Mr Qaddafi’s age although has come to an end, but Libya is still faced with many challenges. Wholesale Soccer Shoes “We are in a new era of beginning, we will work to establish a to freedom, justice, equality, democracy as the foundation of the islamic countries”.
Djali Soccer Cleats Discount Store le also called for the opposition to protect property, expression reconciliation will. He said the opposition of all actions should be controlled within the bounds of the law, avoid to get the power and take no legal action alone.
Since the 21, start at night in the capital tripoli, Libya opposition continued to strengthen military offensive. The opposition has said early on July 22, is the city of tripoli control remove residual forces qaddafi.


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