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24 Aug

Because the case involving rape, intentional killing two charges, yunnan, the higher people’s court in addition to privacy parts do not open a court session, the public hearing in the case. Yunnan people’s procuratorate to appear in court to perform their duties, incidental civil lawsuit the plaintiff and the agent, the retrial the defendant LiChangKui and its defense per capita to appear in court to participate in litigation.
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Yunnan Supreme Court, the defendant LiChangKui retrial find out once the victim, who died WangGuFei (19) propose home in refused. May 14, 2009, brother of LiChangKui LiChangGuo and the mother of WangGuFei ChenLi gold and because of a dispute that, at LiChangKui from sichuan province after feedingstuff industry.xichang became zhaotong city home county in yunnan province back opportunely. The same month 16, about 13, Christian Louboutins LiChangKui in WangGuFei uncle WangTingJin doorstep via met WangGuFei, WangGuGong (the victim, who died years 3 years old), and two people walking WangGuFei quarrelling and wrestling cause. LiChangKui will WangGuFei choke dizzy after the rape, WangGuFei implementation after waking in ran away, and with a hoe WangGuFei blow to the head of the king to fall on the ground. Then, LiChangKui filed a WangGuGong hand and foot its head rammed door party, and with the rope bridle two away from the scene after the victim neck. The forensic identification, WangGuFei, WangGuGong are the head injury with mechanical suffocation deaths. The same month 20, LiChangKui to sichuan province, PuGe county police station shut surrender.
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“Surrender to a lighter” plot
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Yunnan Supreme Court, the defendant LiChang retrial think a family and marriage proposal quinn the other bs disputes the thought of others have revenge, rape, killing WangGuFei, and cruel WangGuFei killed in only Wholesale Soccer Boots 3 year old brother WangGuGong, his behavior has a rape respectively, intentional homicide, and especially brutal crime means, if the circumstances are especially bad, if the consequences are especially serious, social great harm, although have surrendered to the plot, but not enough to light punishment. The original trial of the facts are clear evidence that judgment, indeed, fully, convicted and accurate, and the trial program, but LiChangKui translate to legal, the death penalty with a two-year reprieve, deprived of political rights for life, improper sentencing. According to the supreme people’s court on the implementation of the “the explanation of some issues in article three hundred and twelve (2) of regulation, translate LiChangKui the death penalty, deprived of political rights for life according to law, and submitted to the supreme people’s court for approval.


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