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24 Aug

Reporters from foreign ministry CaiWuSi learned that, this year’s foreign ministry will not open “three fairs” funds. This means, the foreign ministry is currently the only made it clear that this year not public “three fairs” central department. The reason for not public, foreign ministry the explanation was involves state secrets.
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It is reported, up to by August 9, in 98 the central authorities, only the ministry of foreign affairs, the state council and the Hong Kong office has not released, the rest of the 95 department have been made public.
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Previously, the foreign ministry relevant personnel quoted in the has said, the foreign ministry not released is the cause of the “three fairs” some of the funds being handled.the information. According to the Christian Louboutin Pumps regulation on the implementation of the budget law, open to “three fairs” funds, but according to the secrecy law, some information and can’t open, the foreign ministry are and related departments negotiation research processing method. Foreign ministry CaiWuSi August 9, our correspondent says, is to study, should be released soon.
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Yesterday, reporters at foreign ministry CaiWuSi again. The department head of the division to tell a reporter, according to the latest research results, the foreign ministry this year’s foreign ministry temporary not public funds, and “three fairs” not open is the cause of the “three fairs” of the funds of the budget involves state secrets.
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The ministry is open for “three fairs” whether the public funds violates the spirit, the official said, this is according to the relevant regulations of the ministry to make decision, and the public is not contradictory to the spirit of the documents, because of the ministry of foreign affairs is very special, the budget situation not suitable for announced


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