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24 Aug

The new map shows, to the west of chengdu D317/8 times fast train to train, for K817/8 times; To the north west of chongqing D319/20 times to fast train, train for K819/20 times. At present, the new trains running time of the first set. Among them, K817 start at 9 o ‘clock in the morning, at noon the following day Christian Louboutin Online Sale 12 points to the chengdu 29 points, running 27 hours 29 points, more than the current K117 time running time short about 3 hours; K819 train at 9 o ‘clock in the morning, at noon the following day 10 distribution car at 11 30 points, the entire operation to arrive at chongqing north 26 hours 20 points, the west of chongqing than to the fastest K between the injured-dedicated train K507 shorten 28 minutes. In addition, the figure that day, Beijing to shijiazhuang emu train will open more a pair, for D4569/70 times, part already operation train will be suspended.
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For the two to train operation 7 months after that was demoted, informed railway personage introduction, the adjustment is the unity of the arrangement, main task is to slow down. West to move the car chongqing rong speed is the key in the northern part of chongqing area, close to rong in a mountainous area, speed may not too fast. The northern region after reducing speed, the train will extend the travel time, compared with ordinary trains, no longer outstanding performance to price ratio.
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In addition, by train down to a common after every bus, train capacity will be increased significantly. Currently, Beijing to chengdu, chongqing’s train ticket, are very nervous, instead of ordinary car every day after can increase for the hundreds of shots; Ticket prices will also some adjustment, can give passengers bring benefits.
Beijing railway people said, new operation train fares has not been announced, and the operation now injured-dedicated train fare quite. K According to information, D317 train ticket price 430 yuan, soft coach K injured-dedicated train less than 300 yuan.
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Additional as we have learned, since August 22,, the Beijing railway administration, the ticket, train ticket to open to booking period gradually to for 10 days.


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