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24 Aug

[the] each netizen hello, welcome to xinhua interview. Today is August 22, 23, 7 “distance” lukewarm line special major railway traffic accidents have a whole month of time. The accident bring us too much grief, touched, question and don’t understand, a month later, we investigation into the accident progress exactly? In the future we can prevent similar accident? Today we will special invited to the state administration bureau party members, the chief engineer, the spokesman HuangYi away this net for everyone to read related topics, yellow bureau hello, and our net friends say hello.
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[HuangYi] each netizen good afternoon, thank you very much for the opportunity to provide such xinhua net, that we can be on the net all of the concerns of the communication and discussion, to thank for the safe production of the care and the support.
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[the] yellow bureau two weeks ago, I see you and say “netizens to the accident is not natural disaster”, that the investigation team progress? Can you tell some information?
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[HuangYi] the party central committee of the state council after the accident investigation and handling of accidents, more attention of the state council in time, “7 23” accident investigation, and further enrich and perfect the accident investigation team members and related work system. For a period, all the comrades of the accident investigation according to the instructions of the leadership of the state council, according to precise, practical, efficient principles, really hard day and night, to speed up the accident investigation, the progress of the work.
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[HuangYi] before a period, accident investigation team successively in the scene of the accident investigation and survey, as well as to the scene of the accident, and the simulation of the original data collection, analysis, including reading, and related units to black and related personnel for the questions, and to the relevant data and analysis, the necessary experts demonstration. Through the above these painstaking work, it should be said that we currently have mastered the reasons for the accident analysis, some of the responsibility identification of, valuable evidence and information.
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[HuangYi] through the preliminary analysis we feel, the accident is exposed signal system defects in design, thus leading to the lightning strike fault and, at the same time, also reflects faults, the emergency response after poor and safety management are vulnerabilities. Can say, the accident is indeed should not happen together, to avoid and guard against together with the liability accident.


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