Christian Louboutin for Sale

24 Aug

When levin every move that beauties, but you’re welcome, snowboarding progresses mouth “my name is when levin, not the daughter of li ao. Talk about me dad, and will say I borrow readers li ao hype!”
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Even so, talking about li ao and small S recently to big S mother-in-law ZhangLan “mouth”, when levin lawsuit or say straight out, “dad wretched, in order to small S on this scale of news.” When levin pointed to the small S presided over program is vulgar entertainment programs, and such a lawsuit dad was “sad”.
Christian Louboutin for Sale
Reporters don’t understand: in that case, li ao why want with small S reconciliation, but also on the KangXiLai “? Levin said, small S later apologize, “give you a chance”; As for the program on li ao, she never denied that is for use of the media, “is a hype, to his new book.” the!
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Big S now is when levin neighbor, levin said, “as a rights fighter big S don’t be I caught what I tell her, caught!” She even mention big S mother-in-law ZhangLan, till she sent, didn’t figure temperament, “should let me to teach her manners!”
“Again, I no matter yao against him!”
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Live in chaoyang district a person of extraordinary powers curtilage when levin and numerous star celebrity yesterday to a neighbour, active the amusement that yao is the story of her neighbor, “his house rented out, a tenant in for PARTY a lot of noise, moved to the building; some still have a pet, some smoke in the building.” Levin says, “property company said homeowners not yao Ming, he don’t mind! How can a tenant, I will tell him!” When levin so explained to tell yao reason: “I don’t want to be included in the entertainment industry. Stars live 100000 yuan a square meters house, keep due culture etiquette, if you continue such destruction, and no one dare to pipe down, I tube.”
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Mr Ma also became her “attack” object, good at and dressing of she is not the body of high-grade brand, she also likes to clean out treasure in the Internet, “”, can emerge in endlessly, FangZhenPin also let her fake headache,” even if goods are a little defective, as long as is the real thing, I would buy, but some merchants sell is FangZhenPin, claims that are quality goods, jack ma who sell fake merchants indulgence, so I also want to tell him.”


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