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22 Aug

18,, 19,, two days, henan nanyang, 8128 migrants will move the house van- -this is the resettlement of south-to-north water transfer project in one of the last of the immigrants. To the end of October, nanyang 162000 immigrants will all leave generation of the danjiangkou reservoir live. By then, south-to-north water transfer project work on immigration, 2014 QiuXun basic end up after more than 10 meters, water level of the DanJiang water, will be in the hundreds of thousands of acres of land covered immigration, after running along the south-to-north water transfer project, 1277 kilometers TuanCheng lake arrived in Beijing.

wedding bridal dress

Water transfer project 345000 immigrants

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Nanyang danjiangkou reservoir area xichuan county resettlement headquarters, the introduction of danjiangkou rural migrants move total population is 162000 people, has accumulated 145600, plans to move before the end of October to complete all migration. The large-scale immigration, nanyang only involving 11 townships, 168, is expected to be flooded village 210000 mu of land. Together with hubei, for a total of 345000 people away from his native water transfer project.

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Move the three gorges project strength

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The south-to-north water transfer project, the move more than three gorges project strength. Headquarters staff introduced, three gorges reservoir area rural migrants of nearly 400000 people, has moved 18 years, with an average annual 20000 DuoRen move. And the engineering project of 345000, but want to move out in just two years to complete within. “The water conservancy project in the world history” toward only. Workers say, need immigration is complete, because after the danjiangkou reservoir dam will from the original 162 m to 176.6 m, heightening the water level from 157 meters to increase to 170 m, reservoir upstream areas need to drown covers an area of 144 square kilometers.
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Besides improving water quality water city
Henan south-to-north water transfer project of south-to-north water transfer project office introduces, the first period engineering from henan xichuan county ceramic bifurcation system, water diversion along the western gate concubine to cross the Yangtze river west of baihe basin and the huaihe river watershed FangCheng YaKou, through the western edge of huanghuaihai plain in zhengzhou, west of the Yellow River in solitary cypress mouth through, continue down the beijing-guangzhou railway, north west


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