Louboutin Shoes

22 Aug

So many news spokesman don’t speak for born, be a decoration, a “political treatment”, this have to say that the career sorrow. The first group of 62 a central ministries 75 news spokesman, only eight people who Christian Louboutin Sale still still remain, visible of this position features in transition. Highly professional and foreign news spokesman system, also appears a little compared the lack of “professional spirit of”.
Louboutin Shoes
Remember that year ZhaoQiZheng give these spokesman, said China’s foreign class propaganda, often there is a “no speech” problem. “Like everyone together for a meeting, the other people all say, and we say nothing, it is the default others view.” Now, the internal propaganda is also so?? Even if the administration’s administration of industry and commerce, the public life and associated department spokesman also “zero speech”. No wonder years emerge in endlessly food and drug safety accident in rumors of silence is not fly, a spokeswoman for the gold, it will only bring terrible “negative default”.
Christian Shoes
Of course “spokesman manual” article 1 is “news spokesman not people, but a kind of system”. In the context of reality, not to disclose often will not bear any responsibility. But if he disclosed, but may have to bear all the consequences. But the person’s nature is the disadvantages. As media scholars YuGuoMing Christian Louboutin Sale said, responsibility asymmetric make officials tend to silence, tends not to disclose, tend to not contact with the media. This is the problem of system. And we in the press spokesman system at the beginning of the construction, but have not consider the position of the responsibility system. The so-called news spokesman Christian Louboutin Heels responsibility system is, no matter he disclosure or not to disclose information, and the related responsibility should assume by him. Then he natural have a balance: if not to disclose, cause negative effects and loss, he if she would be able to afford responsibility? This responsibility is symmetrical, not disclosure is irresponsible.


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