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22 Aug

At present, the domestic high speed train axle supply highly monopoly, the only supplier is wisdom, railway equipment Co., LTD. “Wisdom is Italy’s full introduction of LuJi neon technology, the product of the company quality is excellent.” North car, according to the people of the car was moving the beijing-shanghai is Germany, and Italy production axle production system is not necessarily match.
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The recall of the maintenance and three measures, one for points for a lack of business quality parts change entirely. Two is to change the layer sensor. Part of the sensor enough insulation, lead to rise to defend the role of interference shield sensor be burned off, thus issue wrong signal. Three is to train network control system software to adjust. This is at present the most difficult technical problems to deal with the recall.
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At present, the world from Siemens software experts are and north car, train network cooperation for the control system software play “patch”, in order to adapt to the jinghu high iron the actual operation of demand.
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“If the beijing-shanghai high iron before the formal operation run, only a few longer, let time problems exposed, don’t cause now.” the passive A professional said.
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Open to move between the beijing-shanghai four lie train
August 28,, the national railway will be the second phase diagram of the scheme. August 24, starting from the new train station after adjusting and ticket prices to open to booking tickets.
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From September 1, in both the beijing-shanghai line in Pennsylvania to send an 4 to move toward the rail, lie down after reducing speed of train running time increased. Shanghai to Beijing south, for D314/1 to 3 times; Shanghai to Beijing station for 2, respectively for D312/1 time, D322/1 times; Beijing south to the nanjing south of D350/1, for 349 times.

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