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22 Aug

Net friend: high tide the huangpu river, iron slow down is a rational choice after mounted. The train speed is reduced, running time, the fare to extend corresponding drop, but, from the current regulation look, ticket price declines and train slow down however, higher amplitude.
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High ticket prices are higher than iron, move the car moved ChePiaoJia express, express ticket prices are higher Christian Louboutin Online Sale than the higher than ordinary, speed difference is the main cause. In fact, the high speed rail fares have been referred to “virtual high”. Compared with ordinary trains, high iron ticket prices increase was than speed increase amplitude, passengers take high iron may only save the time of the half, but have to pay twice the price. However the “high iron slow down, but not made and speed fare of the relative says cut.
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According to the related regulations, formulate high iron, move ChePiaoJia held hearings, but the price should railway departments to “test”, “ShiXiaoJia” for bypass the hearing level. Ask, high iron to “test” how long? The high speed rail fares to “test marketing” to when? Hearing the delay can fuck held? Everything is uncertain. As for high iron slow down how much lower ticket prices, but after the railway departments responsible, passengers have no say more, no option.
High speed big drop fares and iron small drop, the railway departments intentions obvious: to reduce as far as possible for the economic consequences of the reducing speed. But, the railway department lost a little less, Christian Louboutin Sandals means that lost a little more passengers, for your own benefit let passengers, the aggrieved and monopoly of social responsibility shall bear the departure from. It seems, railway concept changing, in addition to further emphasize “safety first”, but also learn to respect the rights and interests of passengers, “passengers first” heart. In

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