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22 Aug

The first impression that gives a person is: effectively hit no houses don’t marry her daughter’s mother-in-law of arrogance, ShaoDaiJiao for married men cleared the derailed obstacles.
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So rather than women and seemingly care of women to men angry, says the flat provisions will accelerate utilitarian tendency, someone even marriage suspected the explanation is hard days-forced to real estate sponsorship of the unmarried lovers to buy a house to get married.
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In marriage is gradually kidnapped s utility, the house become important decision marriage success or failure of the chips. A family of creates more and more like a company-men and women both parties of the family members is funded by the shareholders, and the bride as executive director, the house is the biggest fixed assets, is the whole company smooth the premise of the birth. Just the first coated with a layer of appearance beautiful love coat–fragile as paper.
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Whether social pressure or YongChang family life, easy to defeat the love, plus malignant events such as catalytic derailed, many marriages joint-stock company, walking to the brink of bankruptcy.
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Official statistics show that in the first quarter of this year, with 465000 couples in China in the divorce registration on an average day, 5000 DuoGe family disintegration. China has been increasing divorce rate for seven years. Busy registration of husband and wife divorce, 35 years old the following person more than half. Among them, the “80” and after the majority-they are individual character make public, respect your feelings of a generation.
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Judge not of housework ruling since ancient times-mainly refers to the judgment on the merits of the emotion, development today you only have house property, especially, because “marriage law” in the process of establishing the innate omissions, many this existence of prosperity, the husband and wife have end strangers is solemn and even into beasts of burden, then in the desert, and strife, and divisions, to make Chinese, the judge bewildered.

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