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22 Aug

North car group 54 columns beijing-shanghai high iron recall, the problem maintenance train train axle crack that appear in the online crazy. Last night, in the north, says the official response to the car on June Christian Louboutins 30 CRH380BL train operation to online on August 16,, total 6.8 million kilometers, is not running a replacement axle, recalled the real reason for the announcement as disclosed, is to reduce the failure rate and improve train level.
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Yesterday, the wealth, formal introduction disclosure on the half moon, but high iron in the power train key axis place unidentified crack. Jinan car depot move July 15, a testing report, Numbers for 6209 L CRH380BL high rail train by ultrasonic detection, found near the railway carriage 11 axle gear, a director at 7.1 mm crack.
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Axle, is connected to train wheels of the key parts of the train, security relations between the major. Dynamic axis if appear 2 mm or more than 2 mm material defects, reached the ministry rejection standard. If not scrap, continue to use may cause vehicles off the axis, broken subversive. High speed rail train 300 kilometers of high-speed operation state, the dynamic axis, the problem may be caused the tragedy of elderly at any time. Report calls for the shaft, “axis” change processing.
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To this, the north car group technology officials explained that crack report belong to detecting equipment too sensitive lead to “virtual explore”. In July the meeting on the special research, finally adjustment parameters, unified the damage detection system standard, and the detection of homework to training, confirmed earlier reports of a crack axle and no problem.
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“Formally put into operation, CRH380BL train didn’t change since a root axle, if true, would have to carry a crack don’t live, can’t just is the fault of the accident, parking, late.” The technology researchers said.


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