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12 Aug

From the European debt problems by U.S. employment data and good news to boost, 11, three New wholesale soccer boots York stock market index rebound sharply. The stock closed to New York, the dow Jones industrial average of 30 stock price index greater than 10, up 423.37, closed at 11143.31 points, or 3.95%. The s&p 500 stock index rose 51.88 points, or, to 1172.64 points, or 4.63%. The nasdaq composite index rose 111.63 points, or, to 2492.68 points, or 4.69%.
wholesale soccer shoes
European main stock market to bounce back
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German chancellor Angela merkel and French President nicolas sarkozy next week on Europe debt Football Boots crisis and bank financing problems in the news of the meeting, effectively weaken the market debt worries about Europe. At closing, the DAX in Frankfurt, Germany index up 184.24, or 3.28%, at 5797.66 PM. Paris CAC40 index in experience after shock at 3098.66, a gain in the trading day up 86.67, or 2.89%.
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The London financial times 100 stock average price index rising 11, at 5162.83 PM, than 10, up 155.67, or 3.11%.


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