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12 Aug

Previously, China’s north car group subsidiary of the changchun railway vehicle Co., LTD is the beijing-shanghai high iron to produce the type CRH380BL emu part of the product quality is unqualified, is mor transport stop temporarily leave the factory.
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According to know, ChangKe shares this year’s delivery plan there are 17 large listed CRH380BL type has not been delivered the beijing-shanghai high iron emus, involved in the contract value is about 6.7 billion yuan.
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China car TanXiaoFeng propaganda department minister north group says to the reporter, recently, China north car ChangKe shares of the production of the company subordinate type CRH380BL emu been hot shaft alarm misstatement, automatic drop bow, traction, these fault fault lost most of the supplier parts not qualified for points in operation to the scene by a rapid and effective grate the improvement. Therefore, ChangKe stock company decided to actively carry out internal grate quality problem, the suspension of the CRH380BL train, and will deliver this matter to the examiners. Mor decided to ChangKe shares CRH380BL emu suspended type factory.
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China car CRH380BL recalled the north of the emu is railway operational security order highly responsible attitude, again submitted to agree to ChangKe has suspended in the shares of the company CRH380BL type, on the basis of emu factory production enterprise has recalled belongs operation in the CRH380BL emu, with all of the reasons for faults system analysis, the comprehensive improvement.
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TanXiaoFeng revealed, because move much by car fault caused by quality problems, China accessories north car will further strengthen the quality of the products of subcontractors authentication and inspection. At present, has been an appointment with Chinese and foreign parts suppliers, request with China’s north car, pay close attention to the study of the emu online operation related fault, parts of the grate their faults, puts forward improvement scheme, with China’s north car as soon as possible CRH380BL emu to the work quality corrective.
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TanXiaoFeng said China north car through the recall, speed up the decision current inertia quality problem, and points the supplier quality problem, the rectification of the parts for China to provide high quality, high iron performance reliable mobile equipment


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