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12 Aug

The central bank yesterday morning issue $1 billion 3 months period the epicenter in 3.0801% return ticket flat. This is the central issue of tickets for the fifth week interest rates unchanged. On that day, the central bank is not the buyback operation.
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On Tuesday the tender issue 1 billion yuan RMB 1 10-year benchmark price ticket, 96.62 yuan, corresponding yields around 3.4982% in continuous flat. The central bank is not the buyback operation.
“Only the market return to normal after the financing side level, open market liquidity can manifest the role of regulation. But from the extremely nervous funds to the normal level, apparently over a period of time.” A state-owned commercial bank’s traders say.
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Most analysts agree that funds, benchmark 12 votes on the market can vary considerably.one is considered epicenter of the cause of the ticket is issued. At present the primary market interest rates and the epicenter ticket is the secondary market more than 30 basis points.
“SuLiang issue not only show epicenter ticket market demand downturn, but also reflect the central bank interest rates are stable intention hope.” The trader says.
On July 14, the circulation of a new short touch 50 billion yuan, two weeks after the magnitude recent 3 months epicenter ticket “circulation atrophy. One-year benchmark ticket also if yes, on Tuesday the one-year benchmark ticket by the last issue of circulation of 5 billion yuan down to 1 billion yuan scale.
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“Epicenter ticket is mainly money continue to shrink circulation caused by tension.” A public brokers fixed income of the department of analysts say, capital cost are high for a long time that ticket yield no attraction, the epicenter open market demand fell sharply; On the other hand, as the guarantee money market stability, the central bank also need through the open market appropriate to put their money.
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Is due this week epicenter tickets and are repurchase agreements 34 billion yuan, for January this year since the middle of last week, the lowest level in a decrease of 21 billion yuan. So far, the central bank this week in the open market realize net on the capital of 32 billion yuan.


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