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12 Aug

August 11,, the municipal party committee ZhongXinZu morning held to report, invite the state council information office in learning network bureau deputy director of Internet news,cheap hermes birkin bags director of the center for research LiuZhengRong entitled the ability to adapt to new information environment construction “report. Provincial party committee secretary of municipal party committee and the standing committee of SunQing cloud report and talk, he presided over emphasized,hermes handbags online leading cadres at all levels should fully understand the important role of the Internet, attach importance to network public opinion, the age of the Internet to actively adapt to new information environment, improve the network public opinion guide ability, trying to create a good public opinion atmosphere, promote the network to the sound and rapid eco-social development.
chanel classic 2.55 flap bags
LiuZhengRong comrades engaged in website construction and Internet research work, and has presided over a series of the Internet in China in policies and regulations formulated and major task survey, is the national important task “Chinese characteristics cultural development and strategic management network of research chief expert,” China’s Internet situation chief drafter white paper “. The meeting, LiuZhengRong on the Internet from recognition of new information environment, and new social form, China’s online opinion ecology, network of public opinion guide, think about the Internet management in five aspects such as in recent years, combining network hot issues expounds the development trend of the Internet and cope with art, make the education and inspired by comrade.
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SunQing cloud in the report, said LiuZhengRong comrade of end report elaborated profoundly the important role of the Internet and social function, analyzed in our country now faces a complex network of public opinion of the ecological environment and the main reason for the formation of leading cadres at all levels, how to adapt to the new information environment, theLV damier bags age of the Internet prepared to cope and guide network public opinion puts forward a good advice and Suggestions. Both higher theoretical report, and has a strong practical, and for leading cadres at all levels should improve network public opinion, correct network public opinion guide ability has important guiding role.
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SunQing cloud pointed out that, in recent years, the our city attaches great importance to the network public opinion polls, wide open word


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