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10 Aug

In the naval ship named ordinance no major adjustment of China’s navy carrier, the naming rules are very clear, is to administrative provinces (areas), municipality directly under the central government name to name an aircraft carrier.
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The ongoing refitted “WaLiangGe” date, defense department spokesman GengYanSheng clear that the ship will be used for research and training “, “is its position as XunLianJian. At present, China’s navy two large ocean XunLianJian “zheng he’s” number (81 ships), “ShiChang” number (82 ships) are navy warship is dalian institute. According to the usual practice, reform, the WaLiangGe “th” finish will become the third ship of dalian ships XunLianJian (83 ships), has served as dalian naval ships, vice President of the college BaiYaoPing vice-governor of 83 ships will daily training work.
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For 83 ships to anyone on earth, is still in research named stage. Whether China’s ancient or modem times, there’s, celebrities are navy. Such as “ship wu and wu, insistence, the image of the” conscience precisely in the late qing dynasty, a patriotic general LiuBuChan national hero Lin zexu ZhiSun, once the ship to receive the nansha islands rate, has served as the communist rear admiral, a patriotic general LinZun and so on.
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According to the regulations, made by ships or new new waited, the more the name or the name of the authority granted approval leadership officially awarded ship name, port number issued “ship named certificate, ship will in accordance with the provisions of the” doctrine vessel named ceremony held. Therefore, has not been finished yet of the reconstruction project “WaLiangGe” from the formal name and number for a time.
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In about 2000, captain member will be taking nine people
American think-tank “jamestown foundation” lamented: “when we review the captain of a Chinese aircraft carrier training training plan, find it is an ambitious and very careful long-term strategy”. Indeed, the cultivation of the captain of a Chinese aircraft carrier from 20 before DuoNian began layout. In 1987 the navy commander of the general staff and national defense to liu huaqing following a report about the navy core strength-the carrier and nuclear submarines equipment: “for carriers are planning development, ‘ ‘argument,” Mr Start five-year’ research of the platform and the plane, the key issues, 2000 launchers as model “on.
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The first aircraft carrier for training and its formation command talents, in May 1987, approved by the central military commission, the navy approval decision in guangzhou institute of naval ships offered the first and to date only th “pilot captain class”. From naval air force pilots through strict examination, to pick LiXiaoYan, BaiYaoPing, erkki antila.a method, WangDaZhong, WangZhongCai, WangYuCheng, MaYeLong, HeHu, PengJianLin etc, for the 10 people had a students to quit, the actual “pilot captain class” for nine people number. Last three and a half years of study, 9 students smoothly vessel command has a bachelor’s degree in the navy, and to be the first generation of “can not only made his plane to heaven, and can break the sea” ship and the high quality of the military command compound talents.
Twenty years later, universal experience the vice captain, captain position as a seasoned 9 students has grown to the naval forces senior officers, at present as the destroyer team chief respectively, fleet YeWuChang, guarantee air base commander, dalian JianYuan vice President, the national defense university instructor and other job. No matter from age, experience, rank, duties of perspective, China’s first aircraft carrier captain will be selected from the nine people.

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