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10 Aug

Recently, he has visited Russia KuZiNieZuoFu naval college for further study, with “navy aircraft carrier battle formation of joint strike paper gain” navy “and receive deputy doctor degree, be called” the land, sea and air three star captain “LiXiaoYan, become the domestic and foreign media heat carrier captain held candidate.
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In fact, the ongoing reform “WaLiangGe” number speaking, who serve as its captain is not important. It is the orientation of China’s first carrier XunLianJian, not a real combat article aircraft carriers. “WaLiangGe” number of the task will be training in the future “aircraft carrier ship captain, the target” JianYuan; Test and break-in related weapon equipment; Explore the formation of Chinese aircraft carrier and combat system structure. Therefore, “WaLiangGe” aircraft carriers, in actual operation process, are more likely to use is “a DuoRen hillock, LunXun rotation” the training thought, not fixed JianYuan, don’t even fixed the captain.
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It is revealed that the ship after the modification of the aircraft carriers XunLianJian staffing of about 2000 people, aircraft carrier officer and large areas of the JianYuan choosing and training work a few years ago had started. Wuhan aircraft carrier engineering simulation platform, huludao training platform, drones aid and carriers JianYuan training comprehensive security ships (88 ships) have been put to use. Start of the naval college system adjustment, will also be fully reflected Chinese characteristics, the aircraft carriers captain JianYuan talent training path.
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Carrying about 30 frame domestic carrier machine, slippery jumping type take off
Since the “WaLiangGe” started mass modification, the Chinese navy since about will choose which carriers carrier machine, has been the focus of attention and discuss the parties topic. On February 9, 2011, the Russian military industrial complex web site reported, China now has developed the first aircraft carrier fighter J-15 prototypes. The machine from Russia naval air force modelled active Sue-33 fighter prototypes T-10 K. In April, 2011, the United States DuoGe strategic problem KanWen website that China the navy may be equipped with a ship with the hook-” the eagle annihilates teach “the trainer, for training aircraft carrier carrier machine pilot.
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The world naval power construction and use of aircraft carriers strength, experience shows that as a carrier battle the core carrier machine, its choice must be more scientific, cautious, master this complex sea capabilities need a long time and a lot of investment, and may even make valuable fighter and pilot faced with great risk.
The Chinese navy aircraft carriers to concerned, drones aid choice want to try to consider the following basic requirements: 1, carrier machine tactics can meet the performance index of the Chinese navy aircraft carrier operations and the putative foe future demand orientation, 2, the introduction of drones aid or manufacturing whether accord with China military “independent self-sufficiency, digest absorb” consistent traditional; 3, carrier machine form a complete set with carriers can progress build time node is to coordinate; 4, drones aid the pilot training, moderate difficulty to request a lower risk.
At present, the mount take-off weight 30 tons, have 12 external rack, the biggest load of 6500 kg, maximum combat radius 1500 kilometers of Sue-33 jets, is each carrier machine can only with the navy F-18 E/F “super hornet fighter carrier comparable models. And Sue-and the jets prototype Sue-27 production line, and has DuoNian China to introduce realize localization, Chinese pilots are already familiar with and to master its training rule. Through the first introduce a group of Sue-jets 33-completion of supporting training–gradually digest absorb-realize localization, drones aid seems to fit the needs of more Chinese navy.

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