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10 Aug

Mainly in China’s offshore sea trials
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According to introducing, countries carriers into roughly, general with carriers as the core, match with its more advanced cruisers, destroyers and frigates. Be like likely, also comes with 1 to 2 ship attacking nuclear submarine, or advanced conventional powered submarines. In addition, make up a comprehensive supply ships, or rapid combat support ships, and the various carrier machine, etc.
Military experts think that can hold the carrier is so large scale, and the formation of the depth of the defense has certain, in the current Chinese naval base mainly have the north sea fleet in the east China sea fleet in jiaonan, zhoushan islands, and south sea fleet of yalong bay sanya-base. As the future the quantity of Chinese aircraft carrier, the three big base will be a Chinese aircraft carrier alternative mother port.
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According to media China’s first carriers will be deployed in the south China sea, whether if tensions in the south China sea in response to questions, and defense department spokesman said the aircraft carrier of information disclosure and the current situation in the south China sea, time is not a matter of “.
JunNa personage introduction, as a large trial is not completed yet and scientific research platform, the present stage “WaLiangGe” number of the main activities of the range would be dalian dockyard and its vicinity waters. Reform of the WaLiangGe “th” finish will be mainly in China’s offshore waters, and with other trials and security in combat ships verification formation course training.
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Can bold imagine, in the south China sea, the western Pacific sea area, such as how the ship with Chinese aircraft carrier, it must show patrolling as currently entirely different spectacle. Perhaps, the south China sea quiet a lot, from Japan to China through the waterways also fleet house no longer to make a fuss
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The international herald herald “special written love from Shanghai to roshan beginning in the 1990 s, carriers have been outside the” China threat theory “rendering of one of the military KouShi. Foreign media, agencies will be released from some remarks or so-called academic report, says “China is build aircraft carrier”, or evaluate China has the aircraft carrier to the international society brought after military threat.
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So, when this year on July 27, spokesman for China’s defense ministry official said “China is a ship, aircraft carriers to scrap reform will be used for scientific research and training purpose”, how is public opinion around a response and mentality? Careful observers find, shout for more than ten years “Wolf” overseas media and institutions, wait until “the Wolf really come” this one day, but become relatively quiet up.
This seems to confirm a military words: “when they render ‘China threat theory”, shows that China has not a threat, once China real strength, their mouth will persist down, but turn to heart.” China’s first ship, albeit with XunLianJian modified aircraft carrier on the face of the low-key, but its powerful nearly fire force configuration, and advanced phased array radar that it does not just “no teeth tiger”. Surrounding countries and regions no matter how the reaction and expressions, for sure: they see in the eye, in mind.


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