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10 Aug

The earthquake happened east Japan, United States and South Korea in west is the joint war games, “Ronald Reagan” aircraft carriers, nuclear power, to Japan change immediately destination. In the south China sea “Essex” amphibious assault ship, also to the northeast, become a sea relief helicopters transit stronghold. The navy helicopters carrying type “day to” th frigate also bear the same task.
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The Spanish and the suffering of the tsunami waters from Sumatra in Indonesia and other countries, are actively build have rescue and medical treatment of the functioning of the aircraft carrier and amphibious ship.
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Those who were aimed at deterring aircraft carrier, the trend of building more cannot be ignored. “China has the purpose of the aircraft carrier to citizens, and to reveal the national prestige on neighboring countries psychological pressure”. A Japanese security analysts believe that China’s build carriers purpose is not only to strengthen military strength, and seek to achieve “psychological effect” intentions. For China, with aircraft carrier would have meant a on neighbouring countries “will this walkover match” containment force.
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For China’s aircraft carrier, and some believe that Japan also plan should come up with the same action against. If China’s aircraft carrier plan is going well, japanese-chinese military strength contrast what would happen to the change?
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The navy has a helicopter carrying type in “day to” th frigate, but also will be completed in March 2015 new helicopter carrier “DDH183” carrying type of build. If the new aircraft carriers to deck are modified, success would be able to carry vertical take-off and landing type drones aid, have the function of the aircraft carrier is equivalent to light. To create troops, aircraft carriers must be practiced the use of drones aid and frigates to cooperate. With the need to start from the beginning to learn these technology of China, Japan has different aircraft carrier, so use in active service advantages. In fact, in Japan with and use both already have against measures.
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However, although the aircraft carrier in warfare on the long distance, humanitarian assistance activities, psychological warfare and so on various useful, but there are many shortcomings have aircraft carrier. The biggest problem is cost. At present the United States navy for newly formed by a carrier and carrier machine, the frigate, supplies, ship the aircraft carrier of troops, need is spending about $30 billion. In addition to $1 billion a year, the personnel expense and fuel costs. With the function of ships in the future upgrades, are going to improve the cost.
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After the financial crisis, the main developed countries to realize the economic recovery and to take the financial means, all lead to a deterioration in the financial, so keep the large fees to aircraft carriers to bear all countries such as Britain, appeared to retire this drones aid to the tendency of cut equipment.

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