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10 Aug

The international herald herald “written Beijing corporate governance, the engage by special arrangement for the past week, and the future of the week, the eyes of the world will gather to estimate dalian port. Because China’s first carrier coming out for the first time, the maiden voyage.
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The Internet continuously updated photo and video display, the carrier of the modified work has ended. Have you found, aircraft carrier chimneys belch out black smoke display engine in commissioning, LeiDaBan in rotation, and even carrier machine stop device has the “action”. All this indicates that China’s first test flight departure carriers have everything is sorted, only wait for the Beijing gave the order.
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Although the port anchor aircraft carriers allow fans and media reporter disappeared from military shooting, but many of the concerns around the aircraft carrier still unknown, such as the captain, the aircraft carrier aircraft carrier named, and so on, Chinese officials still recuperation, let the outside world guessing. The international herald herald from different sources of the news shows, at present of the carrier more and more clearly.
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Listed as dalian institute in 83 XunLianJian naval ships
“WaLiangGe” th reequipment has just started, about China’s first aircraft carrier naming problem, has caused the domestic and foreign media of hot debate. From “ShiLang”, “MAO”, “taishan” to “tianjin” and so on the different angles, and the different meaning aircraft carriers name “advice” is heard.
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In fact, China’s naval ship named has strict standard and practical regulations doctrine basis. According to the regulation of naval vessel named named need to comply with the following principles: the difference between the international other countries and regions on the ship named; The difference between domestic place name of vessel; Well organized, facilitate memory; Sound clear, not easy confused with one another; Name louder, meaningful, can reflect the motherland dignity, show the long history of China and culture; The test of history can stand, use for a long time, in a quite long time, can meet the needs of the development of the equipment.
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In the ship named permissions, level 1 ships (aircraft carriers, the battleship, cruiser, nuclear submarine by the general staff named;) Level 2 (destroyers and frigates, submarines, large-scale amphibious warship under) and level 2 level by the marines named. Surface ship specific naming rules for: carriers, cruiser to administrative provinces (areas) named; Destroyers, the frigate to large, medium city named; Amphibious dock, tanks are “mountain” amphibious named; XunLianJian likely to be named after people; Auxiliary boats are in that area and properties of the name (some drag, north oil, south standard) plus named serial number.


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