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9 Aug

The day of the earthquake in “Wall Street” this unsurprising, but such a crazy “black Monday” still in the unexpected. In the U.S. stock market, market forecast before the opening of the dow 30 stocks will heavy defeat 287 points. After the stock market opened, the situation has deteriorated, and only two minutes, the dow opening fell to 150 points.
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But in the next few hours, people surprised to see the U.S. stock market three big stock index such as horse all the way actors extravaganza. The New York stock exchange traders on the field data, like crazy to keep up with the rapidly changing the negative data. The United States the major market transactions in a rare site throughout the trading day hanging all trade risk warning, said that the market unpredictable, investors must be very careful.
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At noon on the day after, the dow has tumbled 600 points, Pierce 11000 point mark. President Obama at 2 PM on national TV, published speech that the United States of the sovereignty of the credit can still fully guarantee, aims to seek flooding the markets with confidence. Barack Obama in the speech, after three stock drop briefly narrow.
But around, people are aware closed to Obama’s speech, the market is new immediately broke out again a new round of slump. Traders look dignified at share price reckoning step by step. Reporters noticed that some of the reaction of the stock market real-time transaction website data was even updated, visible this round of approaching fast slump.
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The stock closed to New York, the dow Jones industrial average of 30 stock price index greater than a trading day amid the crazy before 634.76 points to close at 10809.85 points, or 5.55% in December 2008, creating the biggest one-day fall since. The s&p 500 stock index plunged 79.92 points, or, to 1119.46 points, down 6.66%; The nasdaq composite index fell 174.72 points, or, to 2357.69 points, down 6.90%. Almost all the American media are influential position in a slump in all the stock market simulations.
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Us stocks fell in share values most, and on that day the most disastrous loss of Banks and financial stocks is: jp Morgan’s share price fall 9.4%, American express shares fell 8.8%. The aluminum company fell 11.8%. On that day the most to make people suffered stocks is Bank of America (on behalf of the more) stock, down to 20.32%.
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The New York stock market this month has greatly 4, down sharply, the dow plunged 512.76 points, or 4.31%; The s&p 500 stock index down 4.78%; The nasdaq index down 5.08%. Over the past week is also the U.S. stock market performance since the 2008 financial crisis worst week, the dow unexpectedly last week evaporated nearly 700 points.
Wall Street crashed was generally defined as daily or days accumulative total dropped more than 20%. The United States has two heavy stock market crash, a year 1987 was the dow fell by 22.6% in one-day, in another economic crisis is 1929 years when the dow two consecutive trading day losing 12.8% and 11.7% respectively. The U.S. stock market future if continue to slump could collapse


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