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9 Aug

Obama said, s&p cut the national debt rating is not letter because they suspected the United States the ability to repay the debt, but because the debt limit for as long as a witness around on “”, they doubt over trifling after the American political system action ability.
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Obama says s&p cut the national debt rating, market continues to believe after believe the AAA credit conditions. To prove this point, Obama also cited global famous investor buffett’s rather beautiful national debt recently force letter words: “if have said 4 A level, I would put it to the United States.”
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“But that does not mean that we have no problems.” Obama said, do not need the rating agencies to tell the United States, the United States also know that need a long-term balance method to cut the deficit, also know the Washington political deadlock, especially around the debt ceiling long time for America and debate and is likely to cause damage to the world economy.
Obama said, all of these concerns are reasonable, but the United States can completely solve these problems. He thinks, the United States the problems they faced, and not the problem of credit, “the market is still confirm our credit is the world’s most safe, the challenges we face is the need to solve the long-term deficit”.
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He wants the United States credit rating was cut last week of news, can make in congress to solve the problem of long-term budget deficit has a new york-its rawness. He thinks should be in the medical insurance and taxes for the rich to make adjustment, to reduce the budget deficit. He urged congress extended reduce wage tax and extend unemployment benefits to help the United States, the development of the economy.
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“On these reforms did not need any radical action, need to just common sense and compromise.” Obama said, to the solution of the problem is not a lack of planning and policy, but Washington lacks the political will to put the interests of the state party gain and ideology, and this is the front of the need to change places.
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International credit rating agency standard &poor’s 5, made the decision, the sovereign debt will credit rating from the top of the AAA level down to the AA + level. This is the first time in the history of the United States lost 3 A sovereign credit rating.


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