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9 Aug

The main stock index in “black Monday”. Tokyo’s nikkei stock market index down 202.32 points. Seoul, South Korea, the stock market composite index and gauss ‘index fell by 3.82% and 6.63% respectively, and therefore a temporary halt to the disk. China’s Hong Kong’s hang seng index reported 20490.57 points, down 455.57 points.
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New York stock market in early trading, 8, tumbled, the big three top stock index fell below 3%. VIX index was used to measure the degree of stock market panic, and at press time the index rose 7.84 points to 39.84, and 52 weeks high.
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According to xinhua international, one of the three major rating agency standard &poor’s has announced the sovereign credit rating, cut by the AA + AAA to. Under the drag, share A lacklustre opened yesterday. Plate dropped to 2497.92 once boomed points, the new low this year.
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Because by the lower rating, it has long been considered the safest investment Treasury questioned. International capital are looking for new hedge way. RMB appreciation and sustainable economic development, make China or become the international capital “haven”.
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“Standard PuDiao drop the United States credit rating could bring more sovereignty over hot QianChong to China.” Consulting chief researcher ChenGong restores said.
Traffic bank chief economist even flat figures show, last June yuan reform since the yuan appreciation, restart to channel. Exchange rate appreciation expected to become an important factor to attract capital inflows.
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Peace HeQingMing analysis such as securities researcher, said U.S. sovereignty credit rating, in the third round of quantitative cut loose monetary policy launched, will continue to increase the chance to speed up the depreciation of the dollar, as China’s huge dollars downward risks the store.
ChenGong said: “the Chinese Treasury hold about $1.16 trillion. The effect is expected to about 60 basis points, this means loss may reach $67 billion.”


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