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9 Aug

By 4 PM eastern time, the dow Jones industrial average index fell 628 points, or 5.49%, to 10817 point; The nasdaq composite index fell 174 points, or 6.89%, to 2358 point; The standard &poor’s 500 index fell 79 points, or 6.62%, to 1120 points.
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Eastern time this afternoon 1:30, U.S. President barack Obama on Friday to standard &poor’s, a reduction in the United States credit rating speeches, Obama said in the speech, the United States will always be AAA rating countries, he dismissed rating agency standard &poor’s Friday night reduction of the kingdom of beauty credit rating action. Obama said: “the market will rise and fall, but this is the United States of America. Whatever the agency said we (do not accord with AAA rating), we will always be A triple-a rating countries.” Barack Obama in the speech at the same time, the us stock had briefly the dow small back up to 11000 points above, but soon fell, afternoon trading, or badly hit nearly 500 points. Obama said he wanted to standard &poor’s, a rating from the American sovereignty AAA come down to AA + class action, can give lawmakers to solve America’s debt problems have a new sense of urgency. Obama says he doesn’t believe that cut the deficit problem alone could realize by reducing spending.
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International authoritative standard &poor’s, a rating agency, the company announced last Friday that the history of the United States first cut government AAA credit rating, the highest by the AA + AAA to.
Under the drag, share A lacklustre opening. Plate dropped to 2497.92 once boomed points, the new low this year. South Korean markets fell heavily on Monday, Seoul composite index fell 7.28% to 1802.15 for once point. South Korea stock exchange was forced to announce: main board suspended from trading market 5 minutes, gaussian ‘market (KOSDAQ, namely the gem) fall more than 10%, because once suspended from trading 20 minutes.
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The dow Jones index Monday its closed at 228.98 PM, fell 4.14%. The index fell nearly 14% since this month cumulative, which in the past week alone, and is down 9.9% since November 2008 the worst performance for a week.
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Treasury prices rise on Monday, the yields dropped straight since October last year, the low. This is mainly because investors will be money out of the stock market and commodity markets, to buy the relative safety of national debt. Obviously, s&p last week cut American debt rating to not make people changes on the national debt is safe heaven view.
The New York stock exchange on Monday morning quoted the so-called “rules”, in order to 48 in expectations will fluctuate dramatically on the day of trading days in the steady opening process.


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