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9 Aug

According to the securities daily, KFC stores for French fries and part of the Fried chicken cookinggucci handbags outlet store oil is not update daily, and often use continuously, some Fried oil pool of oil 4, 5 days for replacement, and refers to the situation directly threatened food safety and consumer health.
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This yesterday, says its KFC response to the store’s cooking oil has strict regulations, use every day cooking oil filter remove the food scraps, reduce cooking oil quality residue influence; At the same time using special test paper monitoring the chemical composition of cooking oil changes, once close to index requirements limit, it will immediately discarded, to ensure that the cooking oil meets the national “edible vegetable oil Fried in the process of health standards”.
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Reporter yesterday with consumer identity visited a local KFC store. “We store oil also not every day,louis vuitton monogram handbag but for every morning after testing and decide whether to use.” A person in charge of the store to the consumer the KFC is not afraid to ask questions, he said, they store’s cooking oil use more than one day general. A two years ago during college was in Kentucky to work with young people, she has said the impression, Fried chicken oil is not updated daily.
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The manager said, KFC requirements including store every morning and evening to French fries oil pool LV damier bags and high temperature Fried chicken oil pool of Fried oil for testing, and record the time cooking oil use. He said the store manager, KFC or points


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