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6 Aug

Report from our correspondent (reporter Chen Qiao) yesterday, the Red Cross society of China always website about the Red Cross the qinghai province have contributed money and receive earthquake announcement of use. At the same time, the Red Cross in qinghai province official website soccer cleats discount store the donations, can inquire the directory of public last year to April 14, in the year to June 30 through the transfer, telegraphic transfer, cash donated by all cash donations and the related information of detail. Donate records show that this year, since July GuoMeiMei events (after) a lot of people in the gift of $1.
soccer cleats discount store
Expression analysis experts say GuoMeiMei mother and daughter accept interview lie sources: tencent video subordinate column: tencent video

The Red Cross society of China says, to support the Chinese Red Cross always donation information release platform trial run, qinghai province the Red Cross will have received money and earthquake expenses of qinghai province by the Red Cross in official website ( donation public directory. At the same time, because of the Red Cross will accept all at the corresponding level endowment funds for the project plan is currently Martin approval, the construction funds are not allocated docking. Plan after approval, would be immediate public Internet access. Now the Red Cross to accept all donations have arranged the public release and already.
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The reporter of the Red Cross in qinghai province official web site of public donations in the catalogue, see last year after the earthquake, to have this June, continuously someone have to donate wholesale soccer boots money, including items, etc, donations have more or less. And from this year, in GuoMeiMei since July after the event, also have a lot of people donations, but a lot of people make donations for a penny, only 2 cents, 1 hair, most


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