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6 Aug

If WangYaWei know at that time GuoDengFeng lady, believe that he will worship as teacher, ms guo also cutting out the back then DuoNian of suffering, until 2006, become funds out “number one”.
That year, ZhaoDanYang-then called “the godfather” private Chinese circle, and only the late teens, are the most beautiful campus swing in xiamen university. At this time, he would never think of 19 years later, in, he will cost $2.11 million for the day price, and a quick 80 years old man-buffett during lunch. Of course, if he knew the performance, he guo lady sure would rather put the money used to and GuoDengFeng lady to dinner. By the way, GuoMeiMei sent two love MaShi bag.
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That year, now the largest private, ChongYang investment chief QiuGuoGen, still at the people’s university study for a master of economics, three years later, he just join hand to securities. 1996 in shenzhen, shenzhen began his professional career in 2001, investment, ChongYang investment founded fought Shanghai. 2008 years QiuGuoGen with 1.46 billion yuan worth of the Forbes list of China’s richest businesspeople 328th. At present ChongYang investment in the charge of close to 15 billion RMB. Assets
This year, zhang in the near east, 27, from its own funds, with 100000 yuan in nanjing rented a 200 square meters of appearance room, named su ning electric equipment, specialized in air conditioning. Now su ning electric equipment market capitalisation of about 84 billion yuan.
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That year, wong kwong-yu, has begun to 21 from direct contact with middlemen, manufacturer, create underwriting, and their system of several small store name unity is called “gome”. Now gome market capitalisation of about hk $33 billion.
This year, will give China’s stock market to bring huge impact is the soul of TangWanXin calderon-26 years old, bad luck, their brothers, first bucket of gold is up by CaiKuo earn about business, made 600000, then two years in hotel, though computer typing, copying, trade, business card making small chemical plant, lock factory, clothing customize shop fields, but all benefit is pale, the company bank accounts only 30000 yuan, and owe many Banks lending and borrowing reached more than 180 individual total ten thousand yuan, industry and commerce bank even litigation to court processing.
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Later, illegal calderon heyday empire in 46 billion, and the absorption calderon empire fell, with TangWanXin if know GuoMeiMei her mom, will learn financial crisis in 2008 when two senior Goldman that ran to the home, almost ms guo down on his knees, begging her to save deron empire.
That year, will give China stock market make big case, will become the drama of the famous banker luliang 34 years old, still in the media write text sell word. He later zhongke venture manipulation scam crashed, if he had met ms guo, believe that the division in the dream of business won’t burst, K and Mr. Will become a legend.
That year, WeiDong 23 years old, just from the central university of finance and national economic management department of finance undergraduate course graduation.

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