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6 Aug

Lang hsien-ping GuoMeiMei excuse for “truth”
Called “conscience”, appearance fees as high as 150000 professor of lang larry, this time take the top GuoMeiMei this class move the car.
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“GuoMeiMei date” move the car accident, let the Red Cross reputation, according to “yangcheng evening news” reports, shenzhen, vice President of the Red Cross ZhaoLiZhen told the yangcheng evening news reporter: “GuoMeiMei events”, which received after the social donation almost as “0”, in addition to the original cooperate in the early some directional outside donations, more than a month only a donation is 100 yuan.
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Lang hsien-ping GuoMeiMei interview, was to net friends called “lang larry accept GuoMeiMei interview”, because the whole interview process, lang larry role during the interview, lang hsien-ping also actively help guo home with the Red Cross and clarify the relationship between the royal army.
Lang hsien-ping said, if the royal army is lawful money, the gifts to all have no problem, and if it’s officials, it is certainly corruption, if was the Red Cross the donation was taken, then everyone don not acceptable. But then, professor lang couldn’t wait to tell GuoMeiMei mothers and daughters, the royal army since out of the red in the company, and in love in red fraternity company I do not make money, so send you this car money, not in love money, red is certainly his own money.
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An interview with here, I think, lang larry and the royal army familiar degree, more than GuoMeiMei and their familiarity with the royal army.
Of course, Mr. Lang also know, GuoMeiMei mother and daughter of false love MaShi bag is in the lo wu bought the familiarity,, it was professor lang personally buy them.
To tell you the truth, the whole video interview, I’m for guo mother pinched, for fear that she said upon wrong five only old stock, the name of the shenzhen exchanges I can feel that professor lang hsien-ping also very nervous. Also good her full described five stocks.
GuoDengFeng in 1990, said the GuoMeiMei haven’t was born, she in shenzhen has two sets of house, millions of cash. She further explanation says she started on the stock is in shenzhen, only five stocks, she has been entering the market.
Face questions, GuoDengFeng also lang hsien-ping look at the five stocks respectively, the name of the “development, jin tian, vanke, anda, and a field”. GuoDengFeng says, although at that time only tens of thousands of dollars, but her for months is made millions of dollars, because the time a stock a day to rise a few money.


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