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6 Aug

Data shows, GuoDengFeng mentioned this five stock, should is “shenzhen exchanges fifth son appeared shares”. The shenzhen stock exchange in December 1990, we started the shenzhen development, deep vanke, deep, deep, deep jin tian anda five stock fields was born, because this has five stocks in shenzhen before we in shenzhen special zone securities company publicly listed, the counter history said that “shenzhen exchanges fifth son appeared shares”.
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Lang larry interview, unveiled the China securities in the history of a blockbuster big secret, originally, latent more than 10 years of big alligator never showed up to the stock market, is the big names GuoMeiMei her mom. She went through the 90 s, and primitive shenzhen crazy after the stock market crashed, and then to 2001 years of 2200 points, then after June 2005 998 points, and experience the October 2007 6124 points, and then to 2008 points.
designer shoes lady when says China’s stock market is the first person. She is 20 years China’s stock market is the only survivor, that s still in her name of the river’s lake YangBaiWan, nowadays has been rated “by lecture, sell books, making money selling software, do do lose money,” and the stock was one of the three big fierce person: Shanghai KanZhiDong, wei, GuanJinSheng, all my successively in jail or laid-off misfortune disaster, pulled out of the river’s lake, only GuoDengFeng lady still stands, become indispensable in the 20 years China’s stock market is a magnificent flower.
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Let all overshadowed by two “shares of god”
And let us review history, that is under in 1990, GuoMeiMei haven’t was born, by 50000 yuan, a few month started to millions of GuoMeiMei think of her mother, success on the Chinese social pyramid.
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And at that time, the name of the river’s lake move later the securities market, the big players are still wet find?


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