Football Boots

6 Aug

Beijing on August 5, meishan (friend Mr Liu gang YaoYongLiang), August 5, DanLengXian meishan city in sichuan people’s court to dangerous driving charges and sentenced him to the first by the media christian louboutin pumps exposure together “officials drunk driving case”-DanLengXian, deputy director of the water authority SuRenXun criminal detention a month, and shall also be fined 1000 yuan.
Football Boots
The court found, on May 3,, 19 DanLengXian water authority SuRenXun, deputy director of the DanLengXian Dan edges in the people’s LuMou hotel catering drunk, motor vehicle driving from outside the hotel from the east to the west road is about 500 meters, to “Kowloon square” on the east side of the trigeminal crossroads in the wine was investigated in the behavior of the police seized. The blood test, SuRenXun blood alcohol concentration for 95 mg / 100 ml.
Christian Louboutins
The court, the defendant SuRenXun that on the road of motor vehicles, drunk and drive to form a larger Christian Louboutin shoes threat to public safety, its action has constituted dangerous driving drunk, criminal responsibility should be investigated. For SuRenXun intoxication levels lower after the confession is good, hence attitude in accordance with the criminal law of the People’s Republic of article one hundred and thirty-three regulation, made such a decision. (


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