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6 Aug

In 1990, GengWu horse.
This year, China’s stock market has left a dense, served as chairman of the China securities molecularly imprinted position, central bank governor, in current 10000 people impressed zhou xiaochuan, 42, is the national economic system reform as a committee member, published the study “reform of foreign trade system, compiled, the economic reform in controversial problems”.
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This year, the current chairman of the China securities, 39, shang fulin, is for the people’s bank of China.
The nowadays real estate mogul vanke, this year has completed the transformation, but still to’s share to turn the foreign trade is given priority to, just step into real estate industry, DuoYuan threshold management enterprise, 39 years old, a family member wang shi is by private cause is not in the work.
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That year, KanZhiDong also just 38 years old, as a securities company turning brokers like shenyin &wanguo President position, the satellite ability to fame. Later because the fry 2 cents, so earn only got a “” Kan nickname of number. In 1990 a year ago, KanZhiDong just through the purchase of a northern trust investment company more than 1000 of the Treasury bills, make $one million profit, for ShenYin company laid the foundation of the primitive accumulation, at the moment, however, praised by the industry if he knew that, a few months GuoDengFeng lady has earned millions of yuan, believe that time he will feel small, exit securities. There won’t be later the plagues of the prison.
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This year, WangYaWei-nowadays most cow of fund managers, only 19 years old, was in university, also in tsinghua campus crowd. Until 1994, WangYaWei only enter into citic international cooperation company. He worked in the company for a year, the last of the three months had contact with the securities investment business. In 1995, based on the securities investment interests, he entered the Chinese securities companies, the country’s largest at the time the securities business: Chinese securities sales department manager of Beijing grabbing research. And after three years, domestic funds industry began to start, WangYaWei follow the general manager of the sales department at the time of the general manager later fund of an ancient name FanYongHong join/issue, the company is established in April.


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