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5 Aug

Background: on October 20, 2010, medicine home xin drive down after a wonderful, with the sword will the spear. Three days later, a couple who know only medicine son killed people, hurry to take its to surrender. Medicine who recall a police station, to repeat work personnel so: you are right, son to an open hand.
Xin: medicine home xin an accident that strange emotional?
Medicine who I didn’t feel: a. Good morning, night, he sent a text message said school not coming to dinner. We thought he took tutor, who know his drive to send friends.
Xin: accompany a medicine home xin surrender to whether he have unusual before?
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A guard: no. Medicine October 20, in the evening, I and his mother got his classmate notice said that medicine home hit two people, xin that was not badly hurt, just hurried to the hospital, the doctor with the wounded. We note that he is very sad, thought he was a car crashes worry.
22 October, we accompanied him to check the car. In the traffic police brigade, the somebody else to put the medicine home xin call in separate conversation, don’t let us listen to. Said it was because he knocked in front, a woman was killed, so look for him to understand. He came out in low spirits, we comfort him, he did not utter a word. We didn’t want to think more.
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Xin: medicine home xin when tell you he is killing?
A: actually he defended drug didn’t say. October 23,, I went out to work in the morning, his mother at home. 9 o ‘clock, he suddenly came into our bedroom, with his mother said, “mom, can again embrace me.” Say again: “can go back.” His mother couldn’t understand, let him speak your mind. He said, in the day before the accident, he may also killed a person.
His mother suddenly know things seriously, cry to my call me back. We always thought it was killed, and not know him of murder.
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Xin: who is surrendered the decision?
A guard: me. Medicine I take a taxi back home, and stood in the doorway, shoes also didn’t change, that they NianLia get going, to surrender. Medicine home xin cry to say, I want to have a good mother cooks. I said, don’t eat, quick to surrender. That time is not the next day, but for two or three days, I’m afraid I don’t surrender it might be too late.
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Xin: this period you why not ask him couple car accident details?
A: his mother medicine who heard that he killed people cry words can’t tell. Send him to the police station on the way home, medicine I cry, said the fear into prison. We can say what, is to comfort him. And son from don’t mess around, we won’t go to the side. Feel he is traffic escapes. Later he low head, crying, walked into the police station. Who can think of seeing him again is before the death penalty.


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