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5 Aug

After this happened, Mr. Wan scene still don’t understand why. “I’m out of the ditch, want to climb up the electric car to push up, have never thought truck drivers with a shovel and hit me.” Mr. Wan said, when his head, his left arm was wounded, the head a little dizzy, but he still wrote down the other side of the plates of lu CKA5 * *, “I don’t know him, also don’t know why he hit me, and I’m now medical bills also nobody tube, electric car is also to repair it.”
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July 26, morning, the reporter came to the place look for witnesses at that time. In a store, a witness to the reporter confirmed that Mr. Wan black-and-blue after. “Electric car turned into the ditch, truck stops, and ride in front of the young man cart, truck drivers up under the car, ILV damier bags thought he was going to help the cart, have never thought him around to find the back of the car to a shovel.” The witness said, van driver with a shovel to just climbed out of the ditch, last call to Mr. Wan still chuai he is several feet, then police station arrive to the police. Back at that time with the shovel at a lorry drivers of the scene, the witness said it reminded her of the “home” xin medicine.
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Reporters from the police to understand, Mr. Wan injury had a minor injury, hitting truck drivers have been imposed administrative detention 7, and a fine of $500. As for Mr. Wan reflect medical problems, police said Mr. Wan can take the public security the administrative punishment decision letter “to court, to DaRenZhe claim for compensation.


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