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5 Aug

The xinhua news agency urumqi on August 4, (reporter ZouWei CaoZhiHeng) national anti-terrorism work adidas soccer shoes Outlet coordination group 4, held in urumqi national work conference on terrorism. State councilor, the ministry of public security minister, national counterterrorism work coordination team leader meng jianzhu in meeting Nike CR Mercurial Vapor Superfly III stressed the need to conscientiously implement the general secretary hu jintao and the central leading comrades important instructions, sober spirit understand the terror of the severity of the situation, Football Cleats for Sale complexity and long-term, strengthen the sense of hardship and sense of responsibility, to implement the maintenance stable first responsibility, with more strong determination, the more effective measures, and resolutely crack prevent terrorist criminal activities, maintain violence social stability, ensure the safety of the lives and property.
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Recently, xinjiang violence crime cases for terrorist, killing innocent people heavy casualties, serious impact on the economic and social development in xinjiang and national unity. The party central committee and the state council attaches great importance to the central leading comrades, an important instruction, organizational force requirements as soon as possible, in accordance with law, of cracking the case shall be resolutely combat terrorist crimes of violence. Meng jianzhu stressed the need to insist on equality before the law, no matter who, as long as it is breaking the law, as long as it is harmful to people’s safety of the lives and property, as long as the country is engaged in separatist activities and undermining national unity, will resolutely shall be dealt with according to law. For those who dare to fall foul, make the criminal violence terrorist activities, to punish mercilessly, never palliative, not thine hands be slack. He asked, to mobilize all can mobilize resources, mobilize all can mobilize power, vigorously promotes the work on the implementation of measures, the formation of terrorist violence crime high pressure situation, firmly containing the security crackdown, violent terror case momentum, the violence frequent determined terrorists arrogance the fight, enhance the security of people of all ethnic groups.

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