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5 Aug

Meng jianzhu combined with domestic and international environment and the current situation of economic and social development in xinjiang, in-depth analysis of the xinjiang terror of the severity of the situation, complexity and long-term. He points out that work in xinjiang in the overall soccer cleats discount store development of the cause of the party and state has special important strategic position, the stability of xinjiang, which realize the leaping development, xinjiang of national reform, development and stability, the big picture is a matter of national unity and security. Hope xinjiang party committees at all levels in accordance with the general secretary hu jintao “1” the important speech spirit, pays special attention to the first priority, to perform first responsibility, firmly establish stability trump all thoughts, to promote the reform and development with maintaining social stability organic combine, always opposes ethnic division, to safeguard national wholesale soccer shoes unity and national security as maintain stable in xinjiang, the main task of the deep, to summarize, draw lessons, and actively promote the political power construction, strengthen the party member cadre team construction, and continuously enhance the ability to work and level. Vigorously promote people’s livelihood construction, deepen education, national unity of the people of all ethnic groups to feel the central strike resolutely punish violent terrorist crime determination, feel the party and the government’s warm and caring.
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Meng jianzhu points out, according to the “DaFang simultaneously, source control, rely on the masses, resist penetration” principle, as a whole, and the united front and belonging religious education departments of public security, the power of promoting urban and rural community resources, relying on construction, carry out education and other measures, the obligation to prevent and shock, education, etc CunTun deep into the countryside, deep into the urban community work, further extensions feelers, weaving close monitoring network, eliminate fundamentally the violence terrorism hotbed of growth. To further the social management innovation, and to raise the struggle against terrorism should be crystallized and to strengthen basic work, and to raise the struggle against terrorism initiative.
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Meng jianzhu requirements, all regions and departments to keep a clear head, overcome paralysis thought, in-depth analysis of the struggle against terrorism, to carry out the anti-terrorism measures, improve the overall work on ability and the level, firmly attack against terrorist crime, violence and safeguard the lives and property of the people security and social stability.


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