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5 Aug

Beijing time on August 4 day night, state general administration of sports winter sports management center before attempting to make it the “to be punished a house divided against itself cannot stand’s short track decision. One of the parties, two Olympic winter games champions winner, Football Boots speed skater became king’s teammates LiuXianWei fired and the national team, and cancel the international and domestic qualified for the tournament. However the decision, caused many players discontent, they questioned why fight of the other party, the leader WangChunLou didn’t get any disciplinary action. With the media, the king became emotional said to be at a press conference, “put all their ugly behavior to give them all over, to the somebody else people see!” 【 recommend reading
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The king was expelled became disaffected threatened to open conference revealed ugly behavior

Though the meeting have not gone, but the king of the emergence of goo to wait for the journalist immediately gathers around him. Hands tied with the king of gauze, emotional, “became too much, some people are too much, you know? She is too much. What happened after, I sought a few minor shaw (deputy director, day see preparatio, gone.” Here, she became king referred probably is the team leader of the conflict and the king became WangChunLou.
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When the reporter asked became king, how next to face reporters, became king reporters request what he says is the word faithfully out, but in a few reporters after king, counsel became seemed to be some excited, “according to all the words I now of the broadcast, can? You don’t broadcast of words, I’ll say you as conference, I will say to you, I was how to interview said with you, you had not how report. Can’t say quote people’s hearts (words) oh, isn’t it? Quote in the heart of the people (words), I’m not a player, I fired.”
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In this paragraph and became king, reporters still didn’t promise to the requirements of the king, the king goo goo said: “well, if you don’t report it, I said with you, if you don’t report words, I will be in the news conference that you.” A reporter asked the king, the king of the next to goo goo immediately replied: “o a press conference, and all their ugly behavior to give them all over ah, to the somebody else people see! Sure!!!!!”

Finally became king in other people’s clothes and again and again, accompanied by a black car on the car, getting on, she also told reporters before: “don’t delete to me, don’t cut me!”


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