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5 Aug

Report from our correspondent for the palace collection of cultural relics, the song dynasty kilns level at green glaze kwai disc mouth offer has been destroyed and the criticism has not subside, christians louboutins online store 2 August night, the first to reveal it LongCan “the net friend of” once again in the blog post in big aerator, says the imperial palace irreparably happened in recent years several precious relics were damaged or abandoned events, relevant situation report not according to request the competent department. Yesterday afternoon, the national Palace Museum, vice President of the cultural relics, damage to the group leader has not been positive response, l. Chen said “all things only of this process is handled”.
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In this titled “kidnapped investigation: the elder brother kiln is not he broke the kiln, elder brother of far more than is China?” Posts, “LongCan”, said, according to people familiar with the QiWuBu and section of an accident, is in charge of the leadership is vice President of the l. Chen. In the days after the accident, the palace a ZhengXinMiao didn’t even informed. “This is a reason, as long as silently up gluing, back, no one know……. For years, not doing well.”

Next, “LongCan” cited him from the “insiders” learned happened in recent years since 4 events, says cultural relics damage more precious relics were damaged or abandoned, some of which are not a country, level 2 of cultural relics. After the incident, the palace are hidden, not about the situation report to the competent authority.
“LongCan” blame at the Palace Museum, vice President of the cultural relic of the imperial palace, the damage, said its investigation group leader l. Chen in an interview with CCTV said which has never happened artificial damage level of cultural relics that to the public is irresponsible.
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Yesterday afternoon, our reporter, “call l. Chen LongCan” blog disclosure content has not been positive response to ask. L. Chen, says the palace all things are only very standardized, for any of the things processing is documented “all things of this process is handled, no problem.”

L. Chen also revealed that, on May 8, the event has happened stolen deal, and “for the vice President, the competent departments of the director, and the parties, deputy head of the day is on duty of, respectively, give a demerit warning imposed sanctions, JiDaGuo sanctions, a hospital to check, fired, these a few levels of all treatment.” But she did not provide details with the decision.

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