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5 Aug

Explanation: the county government investment, set up the development team dead list Japan wall, heilongjiang founder county whether need for money.
WangWeiXin founder county government, director of the office of foreign affairs: to show our Chinese nation great humanitarian spirit. BaiYanSong: don’t take history do “business” source: tencent video subordinate column: tencent video
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Base on the Japanese war, making pleasures farce, anhui huangshan TanGuQiao town tourism project was ChiMai off absurd dignity.
TanZhe TanGuQiao vice mayor: now the town project has suspended, stop foreign performance, the next step to study them again.
Japan’s pioneering group what nature? The Japanese aggression, how can pain to entertainment? Economic development and make forgotting? The news 1 + 1 “concern-don’t take history today do” business “!!!!!
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BaiYanSong commentators: hello audience friends, welcome to the news are on the 1 + 1 “.
Today our program mainly focus on the content is something between China and Japan. First from which the point? From two days ago the Japanese out 2011 edition of the defense white paper “to start. Japan in how to look at China? Take China as a what kind of country? In fact in the defense of the white paper, “China threat theory” further upgrade, even China is Japan as the putative foe. Related content is what? Come and see how.
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Health in north jersey released handsome (2011 edition) defense white paper “, this year’s “defense white paper” is the collision happened last year he events such as China and points out that in neighboring countries the problem of opposition to put high pressure attitude.


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