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1 Aug

Shanghai railway bureau, said ChangAnLu born “7 23” move the car accident, is due to the south of the wenzhou signal equipment has serious defects. Public concern with serious defects, the equipment is still in use? The railway departments what measures to guarantee safe operation of dynamic car? Our reporter with doubt, interviews with the head of the ministry.
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Reporter: according to the media, Shanghai railway administration bureau ChangAnLu born analysis, the accident was due to wenzhou south station have serious defect such as the signal equipment, cause. Excuse me, Shanghai railway station this conclusion is how in so short a time of that?
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The head of the bureau of Shanghai railway bureau: ChangAnLu born as a railway enterprise, who had been in the leadership of the state council on July 28 “, and “lukewarm line special major railway traffic accident investigation team all the meeting of accident, and report the introduction. This is not the accident analysis conclusion.
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Investigation into the accident and conclusions by the state council, will “7 · 23” lukewarm line special major railway traffic accident investigation team, and finally announced that investigation.
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Reporter: say to the accident happened after, since the emu are equipped with “automatic parking system”, he should always keep a safe distance from running. Why this column will control system failure? Can describe the situation at the time of the accident?
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Mor officials: the time, because the lightning strike wenzhou south station equipment failure, signal normal operation of the train D3115 listed control automotive equipment receiving yards sequence is not stable, caused by the regulation after the first parking, at about 20 kilometers an hour on the production of bio-fuels. At this time, the rear of the train D3115 protection signal, because the list control center of data acquisition board design, this should be a serious defect caused by the display a red signal error for the green light, the upgrade in operation of the train control system wasn’t working, cause D301 time according to the error display a green light for the train into the interval, and with D3115 ahead train behind accident happened.


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