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1 Aug

Reporter: now that list control system data acquisition boards software exists serious defect, then the present design has returned to open to traffic of lukewarm line it safe? The other dynamic car line is also has use relevant equipment, mor take to how of measures to ensure the safe operation of the dynamic car?
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Mor officials: first of all, the railway departments urge and asked to design manufacturing enterprise formulated the reformational measures, and after laboratory tests and on-site validation, the measures to prevent the occurrence of this kind problem. At the same time, we use the facilities of the national railway of one place for the clean and repair and test, and confirmed.
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To ensure that equipment failure during the driving safety regulations, happened after equipment failure, in strict accordance with the station shut command between driving, ensure safety.
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From July 24 to start the day, the national railway has to carry out comprehensive production safety examination and concentrate on this side, and rectification, the problem of safety in production, eliminate hidden dangers and especially strengthening high iron signal system safety management, and improve the system safety protection ability, stable safety production situation.

Reporter: online now rumours, this month since the start of the end of the year, all passenger transport depot of Shanghai railway bureau employees monthly pay 500 yuan, with button on the liability for compensation. Excuse me is true?
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The head of the this is: is a sheer rumor. The railway departments do not exist to embezzle part of worker pay on the economic loss caused by accident.
Reporter: now the country there are thousands of kilometers of high iron under construction, how to guarantee the high quality of the construction of the iron?

Mor officials: we in railway construction system is also launching a safety check. For high iron under construction, we must be in the design, construction, equipment manufacturing process, sum up experience, the concept of “safety first, to carry out the construction standards, to ensure the engineering quality and the new high iron safety of operation.


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