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1 Aug

According to “7 · 23” lukewarm line special major railway traffic accident cleaning up the disposal of the working group, the news release on July 31,, has had 19 18 relatives of the victims compensation agreement signed.
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July 29,,
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“7 23” accident rescue rehabilitation, general command of the study, published by the decision of the People’s Republic of tort liability law for sure accident compensation standards based mainly on the new standard, and the personnel compensation standard adjustment for 915000 yuan aid.

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Reporter July 31 lucheng district from relevant departments to understand, that day, by 15 for cremation nine bodies; In the courtyard of the treatment to 106 victims, there were five to discharge the wounded, still being negotiated claims matters. 2 the wounded to turn courtyard to fujian, are arrangements.

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As we have learned, in hospital treatment of 106 people, have critical patients 6 people, the serious patients 20 people.

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The day before the first passengers and family declaration published list items after missing, July 31,,

LV damier bags”morning, 7 23″ lukewarm line move the car behind accident care-taking arrangement working group released the second batch of list, request the social from all walks of life and citizens to help find friends


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