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1 Aug

Deplore!!!!! 31 is the graduate student of a pair hall class rise officials were what corrosion?
31 it up a pair hall class kaifeng mayor as the week by the conventional discipline!!!!! Kaifeng appear

officialdom earthquake!!!!! Meanwhile, kaifeng investment billions of dollars of reconstruction a

series of important cultural tourism project at half shut down most state, a relocation project have

been stopped. As the week what made many great things? People couldn’t help feeling WanDuan!!!!! Xinhua

net: adidas soccer shoes Outlet May 15,, Sunday.

Kaifeng city held digital management meeting, participants will have the mayor as the weeks kaifeng and

urban construction planning departments in charge, the meeting has been open to more than half past six

in the afternoon. Close to seven o ‘clock, the week as the notice to be located in kaifeng development

zone of the five-star hotel kaiyuan names hotel. To the hotel, the fatigued waiting ShengJiWei

announced on the implementation of “detained,” and then weeks as the driver and secretary also were

taken away Nike CR Mercurial Vapor Superfly III The 49

-year-old as the week has a master’s degree in tsinghua university, 31, is located in zhengzhou, in a

pair hall class as the deputy director, our China’s second after be after the restructuring of the

listed company dove group manager. July 22,, the China news weekly “to understand, since 2007 as the

weeks from nanyang transfer as mayor, kaifeng kaifeng since we successively invested billions of

dollars to build a number of important cultural tourism projects, including around SongDou recovery and

recreate engineering, ancient city wall protection and repair, kaifeng the cultural museum-kaifeng

city” stack “xinzheng city gate site, numerous tower-yu WangTai scenic area, water system comprehensive

development phase 2, etc. Such a large engineering projects, and profit allure is inevitable. A close

to the insider revealed to discipline kaifeng west open road project construction land zheng, for

example: according to the market price, the RMB $3 million or so, through the mayor should be signed by

default, Football Cleats for Sale restricted

conditions, agreement to end in RMB $30 to 1 million or so price sell. Weeks after the incident, the

above DuoGe project at half shutdown state. Located in kaifeng in west street, songcheng mountain from

the south, tung jinming square on the east side of the “city” museum (stack city and say “the museum”)

relocation work has been stalled for more than two months. “As the week after the accident, the project

was to stop, don’t know how to do later.” July 25, “the museum” construction engineering command a

working staff in the China news weekly “said. As the week after the conventional, had been dismayed by

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several developers already run from abroad, but the above insider said, “a lot of companies are paying

bribes, through a third party is still difficult to catch the developers of bribery evidence.” “, many

people have an accident fatigued to whether someone against? But now it seems ZhouQue actual problem.

Work does not arrive, we feel very sorry.” The insider in China with the “newsweek” interview. In late

June, henan provincial committee of the communist party of China’s some leadership to kaifeng research

when once said, “as the weeks this man doing a good job”, but quickly said, “this man, who sent to the

net to”. From the provincial party committee leadership out of as the week revealed does good work and

“the net, who sent to” we’ve been feeling the 31-year-old is promoted the mayor of a pair hall class

were on corruption is no way, he accept the results of the survey is just going to look at how much

money soccer cleats discount store what accept. From

the provincial leadership “to the net, who sent to” we have to accept as the last week of the amount of

silver feel sad. A 31 years old is promoted a pair hall class who was what? What is the corrosion

First, the new talents are we in the system construction lag in corrosion. In our country on the system

construction of the there has been a huge defects, it is too much attention to severely punished and in

advance after the fight is not doing enough to fight ZhouYaFu of advance, this kind of talent is not

enough attention, being punished the ZhuGeLiangShi practice after superstition. But before the fight,

ZhouYaFu can meet Chinese emperor that superior? Chinese emperor ZhouYaFu prior to the fight to not

only do not blame and gave strong recognition, praised him as a “true”, and grand general to recommend

him to son reuse. But we now have some officials in the mind? In advance of the face ZhouYaFu defend

and they not only do not understand, but will also be adopted various measures should not be some, let

the ZhouYaFu prior to play a role in a corruption case, until the very serious time was found to be the

investigation. Second, the talents of our land is the great temptation financial corrosion. We have

many officials are very high IQ, but because we have been assessment method for officials limited to a

single GDP growth, the more and more officials put the intelligence in the waste should not be some

form of runway, hype and corruption. If we can truly carry out the science development view, with the

goal to speed up the economic development mode change, firmly effectively promote the leading cadres

from the way of evaluation, in order to improve the livelihood of the people, by the science and

technology achievements assessment officials and education results to improve the utilization ratio of

the assessment of intelligence officials, officials will be used on the way, and how can appear such

scenes officialdom tragedy? We now for many of the results be delayed were shelved, and officials in a

single GDP growth under the way of examination is the first productivity technology in the position,

for related to the national education but also said the future of is a set of do of is a set, officials

of the official consumption rising inflation, and education investment has not been able to reach the

4% the government promised. Third, the new talents is the democratic supervision by us from the

officialdom black-box corrosion. Our large project bidding should have openly, but all in all the

officials of the black-box into ZouXingShi even become fool the people. We a net friend to a small

project in the bidding process is that a number of rigged the trick of the engineering, found that now

is very serious for string, businessman launched a bid between intentionally, and then a few share

interests in accordance with the agreement. What’s more, some of the business but also a relationship

of the market. They through a variety of improper means to the project after the subcontract layer upon

layer, you don’t need go out to also can make a special earn. We should learn from the tang dynasty to

reserve system, li shi-mm in engineering construction introduced adept experts and scholars across the

region are totally different, a


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