Christian Louboutin Paola Botta long boots

21 Jul

2010 on November 1,Christian Louboutin Paola Botta long boots  conference style in shenzhen at dameisha vanke east coast azure club was held. From all elements by way of the country uncomplicated fe maker agent, the joining trader and neighborhood partners and linked marketplace leaders about 300 persons attended the event.

As a “reaspect comfortable, really like the natural” brand, YIFINI yi fei maker this conference to “island” because theme, by way of the dreamy great point framework timely is licensed atmospheric demonstrate Taiwan performance, hurling fe maker “comfortable natural” maker spirit deduced to own incisively and vividly.

In the newest period of your time and effort product framework &development,Cheap Christian Louboutin, yi fei by way of for the modern day city female way of life type and spiritual pursuit level excavation, product framework &development and immediate way of life principle is pattern trend in time, the general louboutin shoes combination, genuinely reflects the yi fei maker have been the healthy humanitarian breath, make uncomplicated fe maker of urban non-urban type to full-bodied show.

Starlight,Asics Volleyball, glittering, Cloud aery vi-sion; Elf tree, time too much colour… The minds by way of the island,Classic ticket Jordans, total of whimsy and fantasy poetic everywhere, the audio tracks of persona pattered grass-roots associates within of the forest, gorgeous and atmospheric string psa, like sounds… the whole information briefing spot, gorgeous ornate point setting, atmospheric vibrant modern day audio-visual effects, will people’s middle and healthy infinite close, a soul about loving journey,Christian Louboutin Sandals, ticket basks in this particular summer,MAC Blush, while all enjoyment “soul island” reappearing and regression, reignite persons “static” of buckish, “static” on life, “static” to self, “static” of persona of all the infinite daydream.


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